Motors Classified Ad Software - Professional Edition

Is your automotive classified platform spinning its wheels? Don’t have the advertisers you’d like or the revenue you need? If you’re not capitalizing on the online car-craze you’re leaving a lot of revenue on the road.

Adicio clients know that a powerful motors-classified software platform is an effective way to generate totally new streams of classified ad revenue.

We’ve never offered our entry-level motors program at a price this low. Nobody offers this much flexibility, power and value in an automotive classified ad program as this.

The Professional Edition is classified ad software designed for niche/small businesses for only $595 per month.


The Professional Edition has the most “upsell” tools in the industry. We’ve made sure there are many ways you can generate motors classified ad revenue with this small monthly investment.

Here is some of what you receive with our classified software solution for motors:



We're continuously upgrading our motors classified ad software so you have the most current technology at no extra charge. Some of our competitors only update their classified advertising software when you renew. That means your technology is often running two to three years behind Adicio’s classified solutions. We update and improve our applications continuously.


We optimize everything we do for our classified advertising platforms and we’re always looking for ways to help your website generate more traffic. We understand that traffic is of primary concern and we're always developing new ways to optimize your classified ad software to drive more site traffic.


Our multi-platform clients love the fact that we use the same basic dashboard to administer their site. Our simple, clear tracking and reporting make measuring your Return on Investment easy. Why not use Adicio classified software for all your classified advertising needs? They all work the same and THAT makes your life a whole lot easier. Ask about our four-vertical discounts. 


We’ll have you up and running in no time with a team of experts who understand the ongoing challenges and opportunities of the classified advertising world. We offer frequent training sessions that we encourage you to attend so you can learn the best practices for classifieds ad software.


Motors clients have the most upsells in the classifieds ad industry. These products are available to your sales staff or through ecommerce. You can use these upsells to create new revenue and to hold onto key clients.


Adicio's classified ad software allows you to automate revenue generation with our expandable e-commerce solutions. Most of our core products (your upsells) are designed for self-service e-commerce.


Not only are changes made quickly, the Professional Edition gives you the flexibility need to scale up quickly. No competitors' motors classified ad programs make growing so painless! Our classified ad programs have been tested in the classified world for over 15 years. 


Experience the power of SaaS:
  • Hosted software solution – Lowers your admin costs
  • Free product upgrades – We make sure you remain competitive round the clock.
  • Hassle-free product maintenance – Little or no tech support needed on your end
  • Lower IT overhead costs – Our US - based technology team takes care of everything for you


When you closely compare what you REALLY spend for your current classified advertising platform with what we offer, you’ll be amazed at the value the Professional Edition offers. With all of the features, flexibility, and upsells of the Professional Edition, we think you’ll agree it’s worth at many times what others sell for a a comparable budget.

Call right now to schedule a demo!

Professional Edition - Ready to launch when you are!

Start Small. Start Fast. GROW.



* $595 per month plus a one-time setup fee.



Ready to start, click herespacer

“I must say that I am really impressed with Adicio's team. This is a prime example of how great it is to have an outside solutions provider that REALLY works well with and for our company.”

- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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