October 24th, 2012

Bobby V Has Already Started Throwing The BoSox Under the Bus [VIDEO]

There are two possibilities in this whole Bobby Valentine / Red Sox ordeal. Option A is that Bobby V really is the d*ckhead that everyone said he was. Option B is that the Red Sox are really a bunch of whining divas. Personally, I’m going with Option C–both are true.

October 22nd, 2012

Lil Wayne Singing ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ At Last Night’s NLCS Game [VIDEO]

If you watch the full MLB version of Lil Wayne singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” the announcer introduces him as a “Grammy award-winning rapper.” He then immediately proceeds to prove why he’s a Grammy award-winning rapper and not a Grammy award-winning singer.… Click to read more

October 18th, 2012

No Sh*t That Wasn’t You: Nats Fans Can’t Hide Their Disappointment [VIDEO]

It’s not every day your team misses their first chance at going to the NLCS by blowing a massive six run lead, so you can’t blame Nationals fans for being upset.… Click to read more

October 11th, 2012

The At-Bat Music Of Every MLB Playoff Team Broken Down By Genre

I don’t know how BuzzFeed did it, but the collection of graphs above is amazing, providing a breakdown by genre of every MLB playoff teams’ at-bat music. Some things are immediately obvious: the Giants love their rap, the Rangers are the hardest rocking team in baseball, and the Tigers are the only team with “reggae” listed (which must leave A’s fans thinking…

October 5th, 2012

The Baseball Playoffs Start Today: Are You As Excited As This Oakland A’s Fan? [VIDEO]

This old dude was super excited that the Oakland Athletics had a 6 game winning streak to close out the regular season, edging Texas by 1 game in the AL West, thus sending the Rangers into tonight’s dreaded 1 game wild card playoff.
My guess is earlier in the day, this same old dude was super excited to be drinking $9 beers.
Anyway, the playoffs. Who you got?… Click to read more

September 18th, 2012

The Cubs Have The Second Worst Record In Baseball, Their Fans Might As Well Have Some Fun [VIDEO]

Being a Cubs fan sucks. Sometimes it sucks two d*cks at once. Sometimes it even deep throats. And then security kicks this guy out for having a little fun? I have an idea, why don’t you kick the team out and find some players who do can do better than fight for the basement of the NL Central….

September 18th, 2012

The 12 Sexiest MLB Cheerleading Squads [PHOTOS]

Here’s our list of our favorite MLB cheerleading squads. Oh, you didn’t know that even Major League Baseball teams had dancers? Well then come on in, you’re in for some really educashunal learning. The photos you’ll find here are Bud Selig’s acknowledgement that baseball can potentially be a pretty boring spectator spor… Click to read more

September 5th, 2012

The 10 Best Game Face Beards In Modern Sports History

As I’m sure that most of you are aware, September 5th is Beard Day. What you might not know is that it originated back in 1968 Russia in an attempt by Peter the Great to force all those in his court to shave their beards–all those who refused were forced to pay a tax of 100 rubles. Given the fear that beards strike within those who have clean-shaven face… Click to read more

August 28th, 2012

5 Reasons Why The LA Dodgers Will Win The World Series

The last two months must have felt like a whirlwind for Los Angeles Dodgers fans who went from possibly not making the playoffs to being favorites to win the National League. While some may doubt the Dodgers have enough to win this year’s World Series, we’re going to countdown the top five reasons why the Los Angeles Dodgers will do just that. Obv… Click to read more

August 22nd, 2012

Here’s The Trailer For A Movie About The Knuckleball [VIDEO]

What’s more surprising than Prince Harry playing strip billiards in Vegas? The fact that RA Dickey is going to co-star in a documentary about the knuckleball, fittingly called Knuckleball! It looks as though he’s going to be splitting the screen with fellow knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, the guy who made the pitch a modern-day sensation. My g… Click to read more

August 20th, 2012

10 Little League World Series Baseball Players Who Made It To The Big Leagues

Every year around this time, I’m forced to hear one of my least favorite phrases “Major League Equivalent” because it’s the Little League World Series again. Forgetting for a moment that teams like “Germany” are actually American kids living on Rammstein Airforce Base, the Little League World Series gives a lot of… Click to read more

July 19th, 2012

2012: The Year in Sports Hotness…Thus Far [56 PHOTOS]

We’re halfway through 2012–and at this rate, the year’s Sports Hotties are going to give us a heart attack. You know, we haven’t even gotten to the Olympics yet! While we’ve still got the energy, let’s look back at some of the most amazing athletes to grace COED this  year. It’s a real sizzling sampler of luscio… Click to read more

July 18th, 2012

COED Staff Survey: Our Role Models! (+ Some Inspiring Quotes)

You have to be raised right to be a COED staffer. Either that, or you have to survive the suburban equivalent of being raised by wolves. Fortunately, we’ve all been inspired by great men and women over the years. We’re honored to present the people whose influence has helped us to become the incredible successes that we are today. Check out the icons who’ve inspired the COED philosophy…

July 16th, 2012

The Top 5 Storylines For The Second Half Of The 2012 MLB Season

After fans and players celebrated the best of baseball in Kansas City, we now head to the second half of the baseball season where things are just starting to heat up. There are plenty of interesting storylines that would interest even the most cynical baseball fan and will provide the die-hard with another spectacular finish. From stories that include th… Click to read more

July 10th, 2012

10 Great Players That Never Played The MLB All-Star Game

There have been many great players to take the baseball diamond over the years. Many of them have gotten the opportunity to play in the MLB All-Star Game–just like the one that’s happening tonight. But what about the great players who never made it into an All-Star Game? Some of them didn’t play due to circumstances outside their control.… Click to read more

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