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Long black dildo

Saturday, March 5th, 2011


This black femdom lady has a new toy and she is ready to use it on these two handsome muscular white guys. They got their asses fucked hard and fast by a long black dildo. Their mistress gave her best to destroy their rectums and to make them beg for mercy, which they did right after she began pounding them. All the time, these fellas had big black gag balls in their mouths, so… (more…)

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Haired bombshell

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


Femdom spanking, pussy licking, jerking off, face sitting… It is all here. This short haired bombshell used her soft hands to please this guy. That was just the begging. She tied his hands afterwards, and prepared him for the time of his life. His penis got squeezed so hard, and he begged her to be gentler, because he couldn’t take the pain. Little did he know that he is going to be in one of the nastiest femdom galleries ever. His mistress sat on his… (more…)

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Welcome to the Femdom house!!!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

In this family femdom is the rule. The femdom forever inhabitants of this house have all accessories for their painful games. In every femdom report room you will see different acts of women’s superiority. Penis humiliation, anal torture, strap on sex, pain in ass hole – select what femdom blog you want. The inhabitants of femdom house are always glad to see you.

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Favorite strap on

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008


It was a normal femdom. She tied him and put on the table. She femdom art closed his mouth that he would not be able to shout. She took his favorite strap on. This strap on has been a high heels mistresses favorite of the size. Strap on was very thick. He felt orgasm from even movements strap on. The girl is 3d femdom dominatrix brutally fucked him. She knew that he liked such femdom.

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Unforgettable night with strap on

Saturday, March 1st, 2008


The girl said she was a guy unforgettable night. She invited him toilet slave to her home. She said that will dominate on him today. He was agreed at all. She led him into the bedroom. He formed on the bed. She out a strap on and started to put it. The guy was frightened and femdom hentai free pics wanted to leave. The girl told him that this is a joked and deferred strap on. The guy calmed. She quickly put handcuffs on him and tied him. He could not run away now. The girl took a strap on and said that it was no a joke. He understood sissy torture stories that she gives him an unforgettable night with strap on.

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French language

Thursday, February 28th, 2008


She was a teacher of French language. He walked to her for additional classes. He knew little French language, and she helped him. He went to a uniform mistress teacher because he licked her. He wanted sex with her. She trained him from the backlog for his education. It angered her. She tied him to a chair, dressed strap on and started domination tube to rape him in the mouth. She told him that strap on would help him learn French well. It was nice seeing her surprised from his rose penis. She understood that kinky mistres he likes femdom and strap on sex. Classes began to pass more and more operators…

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Anal sex

Monday, February 18th, 2008


Husband forced wife to anal sex. She was against. She drunk him and fem dom galleries decided to show him domination in femdom sex. She was tied him to bed and femdom stories said that he would be prepared to anal torture. Husband could not believe his eyes. Huge strap on was wearing on his wife. She took strap on to his ass and said that he feels strapon guy all the charm of anal femdom sex now…

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More fun with strap on

Saturday, February 16th, 2008


The girl that would bring pleasure to her guy use dildo. The guy always took orgasm when she shove dildo in his the ass. She decided to bring more fun to guy today. She bought a strap on in sex shop. She told him about the mistress trish surprise that was waiting for him femdom sissy in the evening. She was afraid that strap on was very big. She tied guy. He cried when he saw a huge strap on of his girlfriend. She said that all be fine and  strap on latex quickly shove strap on in his ass…

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Big Strap on

Monday, February 11th, 2008


Mike with girlfriend has femdom sex for a long time. They tried all. Mike remained without orgasm. His ass accustomed to strap on and doctor femdom has no problem to let strap on inside. Mike was unhappy. Mike`s girlfriend decided to help him feel orgasm. She bought biggest strap on in the sex shop. She showed strap on to Mike in pony boy face sitting xxx evening. Mike caught fire desire to try it. He got up on the sofa. Mike burned femdom full movie of desire. She began to impose strap on. Mike screamed from pain and passion … Mike felt throughout orgasm after several movements. The night was in the front….

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