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cya YH. hello YH.

Make Something Cool Everyday
wow taber, next level shit bro

the walking dead appreciation thread
i might have to take a break from the show, as the breakneck pace is getting too much.

Dr. Who, Torchwood, Buzzcocks, Winehouse
your all just jealous because dynamo and david blaine are the only peopl on planet made from gods sperm whereas you are made from shit sperm

[Official] Battlefield 3
went the Russian key route, just played a little of it - all in English.

got it for 20 quid, so it does work if anyone's wondering.

What was Libya
how's it spelled then ed?

[Official] Battlefield 3
i can't play the game via videos can i.

I thought metro looked good until i played it, it all means nothing until i've had a chance to have a go. that's why i'm asking for your experiences rather than telling me to go watch some videos.

Names to faces October 2011
ah fuck it who cares.

[Official] Battlefield 3
I'm conflicted about BF3 at the moment, all I have to draw on is Metro as I never got the chance to play on Caspian.

Being as impartial as you can, is playing caspian border much better than metro? I want to be sure it's not just the fact it was a change of scenery.

Was it really fun? Because in all honesty, I didn't really enjoy Metro and I like rush mode.

games coming soon that look rad...
who's got dungeon defenders?

it's owsome

Half-Life 2 Official Thread
I envy anyone who hasn't played through the games yet.

I'm playing through bioshock right now, people like to make a big deal about it, it's often uttered in the same sentence as HL games — and it's good, don't get me wrong — but it doesn't really come close for me.

I don't think any other game will ever hold up as well as HL2. graphics still look gud, sound effects are still used in other games.. Bioshock feels and plays really awkwardly in places...

Just bought Final Fantasy VIII
one may describe 8 as cold probably because the story was so serious/tragic. they had to be bas asses, squall of course was stoic after what happened to him.

and the music was awful? you talk out of your arse. OUT OF YOUR ARSE.

FF9 was stupid. the final bosses are just bizarre. plot was stupid and the whole thing was a running cliché with crap characters. It's the most forgettable anyway in my experience. charm and warmth are codewords for generic tripe.

ffffound to tumblr migration tool
i need to download my ffffound too please. please tell me how, please. please. guys, please. ok?


Just bought Final Fantasy VIII
FF8 is the best, easily. FUCKING. EASILY.

omg the story.

omg the music.

omg the art direction.

omg the junctioning (stfu noobs)

omg the FMV

omg triple triad

omg gunblade

omg omg omg

Marvel/DC Animated Features
bruce/bane battle looks siack

montgomery is directing so it should be decent at least. sam liu sucks balls, batman year one was disappointingly average.

Portrait painted of me from when I was 4
you should dress up in the same costume and commission another one to hang side-by-side

2yr old gets run over in china multiple times. noone helps
when the woman picked the kid up, his/her body looked completely broken - and yet the kid was shown writhing around. Imagine the pain.. wow.

Real life yo.

breaking bad
just 4 u babe

breaking bad
has this been posted? i checked the last 3 pages - I DID MY DUTIES DAMN YOU.


yeeaaah boi (that's hank in the bg, son)

breaking bad
why are you in this thread?

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