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    Peace After the Arab Spring

    Is a durable ceasefire really possible? Ex-State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley on how Hillary Clinton and the main players in the Gaza conflict should move forward.

  • spacer Khaled Desouki, AFP / Getty Images

    Israel and Hamas Strike Peace Deal

    t’s a ceasefire—for now. Dan Ephron on how the resolution doesn’t really address the issues that lead to eight days of chaos. 

  • spacer Daniel Coston, Charlotte Observer / Getty Images

    The Good Husband

    From Hillary to Silda Wall Spitzer, we've seen many political 'good wives.' Now it's a husband's turn, as Scott Broadwell weathers his wife's affair. By Michael Daly.

  • spacer Richard H. Cohen / Corbis

    The Coldest Thanksgiving Ever

    Tens of thousands of people are still without power a month after Hurricane Sandy hit, and as the weather changes. That's chilling, writes Eliza Shapiro.

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    When Consultants Go Bad

    HP lost $8.8 billion on acquisition gone bad. Alex Klein asks: are high-priced consultants and accountants like KPMG and Deloitte to blame?

  • spacer Joshua Lott / Reuters / Landov

    Dirty Tricks in Arizona Vote?

    Ballot counting just ended in the state, and some voters claim they were told to vote Nov. 8, and made to wait in ‘the long Hispanic line.’ Terry Greene Sterling reports.

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    Walmart's Black Friday Crashers

    It's the retail giant's most visible, important day. That's why Walmart workers will join the throng outside 1,000 locations to demand better treatment. Winston Ross reports.

  • spacer Tim Sloan / AFP / Getty Images

    Presidential Turkey Pardons

    Abraham Linclon is said to have started the tradition, after his family decided to keep the bird as a pet. See photos of the beloved tradition through the years. 

  • spacer Clockwise from top left: Mike Kollöffel / Courtesy of DR TV; FX; Courtesy of Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE; BBC

    Thanksgiving TV Feast

    Clear the table, do the dishes, hit the couch—TV is ready for you, with a slew of marathons, miniseries and specials, Jace Lacob on what to watch on TV and online.

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What Now?


The Gaza Prison

by Sarah A. Topol


Pilgrim Fashion!

by Jeesoo Park

'The Patriarch'


Joseph Kennedy's Outsize life

by Jacob Heilbrunn

Teen Killer


13 Years Old, and Facing Life

by Eliza Shapiro

Listen Up

Lessons From the Second Gaza War

by Peter Beinart

Miss Manners


Thanksgiving Table Talk

by Nina Strochlic


Blame Game: Andreessen’s Role in HP Debacle

by Rob Cox



Keep Your Eye On...

Read it at

The Dish


Joe Scarborough Is Part Of The Problem

by Andrew Sullivan

Cheat Sheet

The Fiscal Cliff for Dummies

by Matthew Zeitlin

Turkeyyyy, I Love You


Thanksgiving Songs Wins & Fails

by Kevin Fallon

Women in the World


Broadwell and the Mentoring Scam

by Michael Moynihan
spacer spacer Matthew Brudnok

A Real-Life Action Hero

He has sprinted toward turmoil in war zones, jungles, and disaster areas from Iraq to Peru. Last week, Howard “Ford” Sypher did it again—in D.C. By Abigail Pesta.

by Abigail Pesta

Cheat Sheet, Must Reads From All Over

  1. 1. WHAT TRUCE?

    Official: Rockets Sent Into Israel Post-Ceasefire


    Reports say no one was hurt.More

  2. 2. PEACE?

    Israel Agrees to Truce

    Clinton says U.S. will work with region.More

  3. 3. AU REVOIR

    Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns

    Special election will be held.More

  4. 4. Unrest

    Violent Protests Hit West Bank

    Two Palestinians reportedly shot in the leg.More

  5. 5. R&R

    Romney Goes to Disneyland


    Mitt and his family have a day of fun at the amusement park.More


    McCain Backtracks on Rice

    Admits she didn’t edit Benghazi talking points.More


    Hostess Liquidation Approved

    Is expected to take one year. More


    Obama Pardons Two Turkeys

    Jokes Nate Silver predicted they'd live. More


    Bigelow: Osama Movie ‘Accurate’

    Director details how film got made.More

  10. 10. SHOWCASE

    ‘Price Is Right’ Model Wins Suit


    Awarded nearly $777,000 for discrimination while pregnant. More

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Obama Cracks Nate Silver Joke At Turkey Pardon

While sparing Cobbler, a 40-pound turkey from Rockingham County, Va., President Obama gave a shout-out to the predictor-in-chief, Nate Silver. "He predicted these guys would win,” Obama said.

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    Joe Scarborough Is Part of the Problem

  • Howard Kurtz

    GOP Strategist: Talk Back to Rush!

  • Michael Tomasky

    The GOP’s Absurd Rice Attack

  • John Avlon

    Stop Pandering, Republicans!

  • David Frum

    'Barack O'Fraudo'

  • Megan McArdle

    More On That Wrinkly Tax Code

  • Open Zion

    How to Really Hit Hamas

  • Dan Gross

    The Thelma & Louise Caucus

  • The Royalist

    Kate Middleton's Holiday Snaps

War In Gaza

As Israel-Hamas conflict erupts yet again, civilians face more destruction—and tragedy.


Pols’ Dumbest Scientific Theories

From Tom Coburn to Michele Bachmann and even Barack Obama, see politicians who have advanced dubious scientific theories.


Photos: Obama’s Awkward Kisses

From Aung Sang Suu Kyi to Aretha Franklin, see who’s been on the receiving end of an Obama smooch.


Grace Through the Years

The Daily Beast takes a look at Coddington’s transformation from a young British model into one of the most respected leaders in the industry.



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Presidential Turkey Pardons

As Obama prepares to spare Cobbler and Gobbler, The Daily Beast looks back at the Thanksgiving tradition.


America’s 25 Worst Airports

Plan ahead: The Daily Beast crunches the numbers on the hubs to avoid—and the ones without the lines.


Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures

Mike Munoz finds the best celebrity twitter pictures of this week, from Zac Efron to Ryan Seacrest and more.


8 Star Mayflower Descendants

Just in time for Thanksgiving, see the famous faces with roots on the ship, from Palin to the Baldwins.

Photo of the Day spacer

Happy Anniversary

Protesters return to Mohamed Mahmoud street in Cairo one year after clashes with police.

More Photos of the Day

Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters-Landov


Bem-Vindo ao Brasil?

Thanks to Britain’s premier lit mag, readers can experience the range and styles of Brazil’s 20 top young writers.

by Mac Margolis
  • spacer

    Amazing Grace?

    by Robin Givhan

    Despite a lifetime filled with glamor and adventure, Grace Coddington, former creative director of American Vogu