Our Process

At TED we believe in the world-shaping power of great ideas. Powerful ideas told with passion to an open-minded audience spark important conversations. When great content is strengthened by insightful context, an authentic dialogue grows, and ideas flourish.Conversations lead to collaboration, action, and innovation. Here are the four steps of partner engagement:


Get to know our partners, understanding their goals and introducing them to the world of ideas at TED. »


Craft a unique partnership, through idea-driven conversation and knowledge of resources. »


Bring plans and ideas to life, working with partners at every step to actualize a shared vision. »


Working together to increase the speed of partner ideas. »

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ENGAGE: TED is a gathering place for bright and curious minds, receptive to new thoughts and perspectives. We bring the same attitude to our partnerships, and enjoy the journey of exchange about each organization’s culture and aspirations. Collaboration built on understanding leads to authentic innovation.

BRAINSTORM: We hold an active brainstorming session with new partners, creating a custom framework for growth. We work with departments across the partner organization (including marketing, public affairs, technology, R&D, content production, leadership and communications) to create a comprehensive partnership that represents the full depth of services and skills.

BUILD: We build your partnership together, drawing on the resources of our ecosystems to create the most efficient process possible. Combining frequent and open communication with flexibility and an understanding of all available tools, we work with our partners to consistently iterate toward the goal of implementing an inspired idea.

AMPLIFY: The TED community serves as a vibrant laboratory for growing a project or exploring new directions, sparking conversation or celebrating innovation. We use social media, the TED.com platform and the conferences to involve our community, and create exciting movements that reveal important insights for our partners. The result is a deep engagement with a global community of leading thinkers and doers.