Busty Cookie gives this guy the ride of his life

  By admin | March 10, 2012 - 7:28 am | bbw


Fat Cams is pleased to present Busty Cookie to you. She is stunning ebony BBW with a body that is something you have to see in order to believe it. Forget everything you know about live fat cams; this is the kind of girl that can make your brain melt in just a few moments. She is the real cookie, doughy and sweet, but also naughty as hell. She lives for cock and she gets plenty of it in this amazing scene. She prefers a vanilla dick and that is exactly what she gets here.


Watch her as she literally rips out of her clothes and reveals her insanely curvaceous body to us. Just take a look at those dark chocolate nipples that demand sucking. She also does her share of sucking as she hoovers that dick with all that she’s got. Once she has had her taste, she climbs on top of her love and makes sure that he never forgets this ride. Her ass is the most incredible thing you can imagine on top of yourself and she sure knows how to take a huge load all over those epic hooters of hers.

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