Make the Presidency Work!

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Modern presidents increasingly don’t have the necessary tools to deliver what the American people demand. Almost 40 years after Congress began the post-Watergate roll-back of the “Imperial Presidency,” America’s chief executive now arguably faces too many impediments enacting his or her agenda.

Some impediments are political – the ride of partisan polarization that makes it harder for a president to gain bipartisan support for legislation. Some of the impediments are institutional – obsolete rules and procedures that make it harder for presidents to act. And some are informal – White House norms and habits that diminish public trust.

It all adds up to an office of the presidency that has become too insular, too political and less effective.

The Make the Presidency Work! action plan is designed to change this. With reforms ranging from fast-track legislative authority to fixing the presidential appointment process, this 11-point plan will help the president do his job and be more accountable to the American people.

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