Monday, February 19, 2007


Yes it finally happened to ME!
i cant believe it-- my hard drive crashed Saturday February 17th....

i lost EVERYTHING...all my art, documents...basically my entire life!

The last full backup i preformed was in 2003.... and that helps but i still lost so much valuable info that i am in total shock and bummed to the max!

Here is a tip-- if you turn on your computer and get a dos prompt to "boot from cd"
you KNOW you are in trouble.

Your hard drive is either going or is gone.
If you can get the computer to boot up -- BACKUP EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY.

if it wont boot up-- you are in serious trouble. The hard drive is gone....

My son was out of town so i had to call Chuck who is an incredible computer fixer -- he said he would try to restore the things on the hard drive but couldn't promise for sure--- and when he called me back on Sunday he had the bad news that the restore just didn't happen!

So i immediately bought an external drive -- SimpleNet 250G which was on sale at Office Depot for $50.00 after two $50 rebates and also got ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE 9.0 as the backup software.

this is a very hard lesson to learn--- so i am telling you IF YOU HAVEN'T BACKED UP YOUR MACHINE -- DO IT NOW

you can use Nero to make backup cd-- windows will back up for you-- i don't care how you do it JUST DO not put it off one more minute.

I have had computers since '97 and never ever had a problem but damn now that i have had the problem i will NEVER have it again.

Its like having a fire in your home-- so much personal stuff is totally gone and cannot be replaced, or restored.

Things you think you will remember, software you have installed or downloaded off the net, music, pictures, excell and office documents, art, all will be gone gone gone.

thankfully my email is all on the net so i didn't loose any addresses. A small consolation---


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