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5-Hour Energy: How Safe Is It Really?

by Sophia Breene 3 Comments

Necessary evil, or death-in-a-can? Energy drinks like 5-Hour Energy and Red Bull have been in the news recently after the FDA possibly linked them to 13 deaths. Read on to find out how dangerous these energy-boosting beverages actually are. Continue reading »

News: How Getting Rejected Fuels Creativity

by Laura Newcomer Comment

You’re beautiful, no matter what they say — and far from bringing you down, new studies find rejection might actually stimulate creativity. Take that, high school bullies! Continue reading »

Fix 4 Health Problems with Better Behaviors [Videos]

by Zachary Sniderman 1 Comment

Do our behaviors really have an impact on our overall health? The National Institutes of Health enlisted four pioneering doctors and professors to show how a little mind over matter can improve four different health concerns. Continue reading »

News: Genetic Test Says Who’ll Benefit from Aerobic Exercise

by Laura Schwecherl Comment

Could a simple cheek swab tell us how much we’ll benefit from a workout? There’s a new genetic test on the market that may reveal how we’ll respond to aerobic exercise. Continue reading »

News: Supplement False Claims Slammed in Government Report

by David Tao 1 Comment

Think before you supplement. A new government report suggests the majority of immune and diet supplements have misleading information on their labels. Continue reading »

Will Inactivity Kill Today’s Kids 5 Years Early?

by David Tao 4 Comments

A new report spearheaded by Nike and 70 other organizations suggests inactivity could shorten the lifespan of the world’s children. Read on to see how they plan to fight the trend before it’s too late — and how you can help. Continue reading »

News: Exercising Less May Help Us Lose More Weight

by Laura Schwecherl 1 Comment

We may want to forgo the hour-long workout for something shorter. A new study suggests exercising for longer has no additional benefits when it comes to shedding some extra pounds. Continue reading »

News: More Sleep Linked to More Weight Loss

by Laura Schwecherl 6 Comments

It’s not only about hitting the gym. A recent study suggests adequate sleep is a vital proponent to losing weight. Continue reading »

News: Morning Workouts Could Curb Appetite

by Laura Schwecherl 3 Comments

Do we need to eat right after a morning workout? Skip the pancakes and bacon — a new study found that working out in the morning might curb our appetite. Continue reading »