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Mistress Ashley enjoys humiliating her cuck. She brings him out on a leash to introduce him to her new boyfriends. They are going to have fun with this little cuck. Ashely bends him over and fucks him with her ten inch strapon as the new studs shove their dicks in his mouth. Ashley is absolutely [...]

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Stevie initiates her husband into cuckolding by bringing home a new stud and fucking his brains out right in front of her husband. For additionally cruelty Stevie demands that her hubby lick their genitals as they fuck. Stevie laughs as her stud pulls his dick out of her pussy and shoves it into the cuck’s [...]

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Mistress Holly and her stud devour Holly’s cuck, pumping both his mouth and ass full of cock. They toss the cuck around like a rag doll, having their way with him. Holly takes the bitch’s ass, the stud takes the cuck’s mouth. When they are finished, the cuck is covered in cum at Subby Hubby. [...]

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Emmanuel knows tha the new assistant in her office has a crush on her. She finds it amusing. She knows that she can get him to do anything she wants regardless of how humiliating it may be. She calls him and asks him if he wants to be her hung boyfriend. The young man is [...]

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Mistress Ashely has decided to teach her sissy in training a new trick. She is going out no the town and will be brining home a cock for him suck. It is time for him to learn how to give good blow jobs. Ashley akes good on her word as she returns and puts her [...]

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Giselle is a housekeeper for a wealthy family. When the parents are out of town, thecollege age son makes sexual advances towards her. Giselle is having none of it. She turns the tables on the spoiled boy and turns him into HER maid. Giselle blackmails the young man into becoming her cuckold. She locks him [...]

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