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 Suffusion's features help build any kind of site – Photoblogs, Journals, Product pages and the like. Start out with one of several bundled skins, and spin your own site replete with menus, sliders, fancy layouts and what you will. Suffusion is always kept up to date with the latest WP functionality for you to maximise.

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Make your installation of the best and most popular WordPress Theme work for a variety of third-party plugins using these nifty add-ons:


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 Suffusion's support forum is the best place to get started if you are lost and need help with something.

 “There is always one more bug”, says Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology. So if you find a bug, please report it.

Go With a Winner

 Suffusion is the pick among users and reviewers alike. In addition it holds major distinctions on
  • A Featured theme for almost 2 years
  • Over 800,000 downloads with an average rating of 5-stars
  • On the “Most Popular” list every day since the last 2.5 years

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 Over 16 million websites across the world use Suffusion. See how some people are using it.

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It’s Okay to Try Other Themes!

 Do you hate how a theme makes you use its shortcodes and widgets, and when you leave you are forced to revisit all your content? We get that. So Suffusion's functionality is written in a manner easy to carry to other themes. As if that were not enough, plugins exist for some of this already.

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Suffusion is free for you to use and free for you to modify. But coding takes a lot of time and several late nights, particularly since I work after my regular day job. If you like my work and if you are interested in buying me something, click on the coffee cup. Paypal charges a commission, so please make the donation amount at least 31.5c (US), or I get nothing.


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