The Colonization of Memory

10 November 2012 | ¶


Hyperrhiz has just published The Colonization of Memory, the documentation of a collaborative writing piece I participated in during April, 2011 while I was in Bergen, Norway.  The experiment was led by Mark Marino, who helped us develop a location-based walking-writing system which borrowed several ideas from exquisite_code.  The other writers were Amrita Kaur, Eduardo Navas, Margaux Pezier, Scott Rettberg, Morten Sorreime, Martin Swartling, Patricia Tomaszek and Rob Wittig.

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The In/Compatible Laboratorium

17 January 2012 | ¶


I have a big show coming up with my colleagues from Weise7 that is part of the Transmediale program.  I will be presenting two new pieces as well as doing a Paranoid Steganography workshop with Bengt Sjölén and collaborating with the crew on a publication of radical form.

Weise 7 invites the audience to cast off their old perceptions of the immateriality of digital technologies. A closer examination of the specific properties of these technologies can lead to a new understanding of artistic and technological practices.

With a series of mini-workshops, installations and presentations, held during “transmediale 2012: in/compatible”, Weise 7 presents four in/compatible topics which range from the geo-strategic implications of network technologies to the enjoyment of outdated technology. After the transmediale, the workshops will continue in the Weise 7 studio.

Image: CC Deutsche Fotothek

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The Rent Is Too Damn High!

22 November 2011 | ¶

29/11/2011 19:00 at LiMBUS EUROPAE (at the corner of Kienitzer Str./Weisestr.)

The rent is too damn high!

You may have noticed yellow and blue painted boxes with our questionnaire about the current rent situation (and maybe you filled one out).  Since the spring of this year we have been distributing these surveys in the Schiller, Körner and Warthekiez with the support of Bars, Spätis and Cafes who hosted our boxes.

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Interview in Vienna

22 November 2011 | ¶


Matthias Tarasiewicz made an interview with me while I was in Vienna for Coded Cultures this year.  I touch on a whole range of topics including motivations for and approaches to media art and media archeology as well as my currently evolving concept of Paranoid Steganography.  Thanks to for some really nice pictures and editing.

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UKI Live at Berghain

09 November 2011 | ¶


It was not the usual gig but I recently did a performance with Shu Lea Cheang for the 2011 Berlin Porn Film Festival*.  Yes, really.  We put together a crazy, diverse group of sound artists who improvised a soundtrack to Shu Lea's experimental sci-fi porn film UKI.  I served as "Tonmeister", shepherd and ringleader. 

You can watch a short clip here.

Sonic co-conspirators were:

Martin Backes
Servando Barreiro
Christopher Fröhlich
Shu Lea Cheang
Peter Newman
João Pais
Jodi Rose
Malte Steiner
Domestic Violence

* Your author was fully clothed and only intimately involved with an audio mixer.

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01 November 2011 | ¶

I recently had the honor of presenting PyCessing at the first ever German Python Software Conference.  And check out the new PyCessing web site, complete with a working Mac App.  Windows and Linux releases are almost there.

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Interview from TM

20 September 2011 | ¶

During our Insecure Territories workshop at Transmediale this year, Vienna's most talented and hard-working art journalist, Esel, got a few of us to talk about our practice in front of the camera.  A few weeks ago, they finally managed to edit my exhausted ramblings into a coherent interview.  Thanks and nice work!  Make sure to check out the other participants.

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Symbolic Capital at Gitte Bohr

16 June 2011 | ¶


I will be working with a group of activists / artists during 48 Stunden Neukölln at Gitte Bohr to address our roles as artists and residents coopted into the process of gentrification in our neighborhood.  It is a serious and contentious topic so it should be fun and interesting.  There will be beer, films, music, things to read and a lot of cool people at hand.

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Insecure Territories

12 January 2011 | ¶


I will be doing a workshop this year with Bengt Sjölen and Martin Howse during Transmediale with organization and support from  We are planning to make an artistic investigation of network protocols.  It will run three days, Feb. 3-5, in our studio in Neukölln from 11:00 - 19:00.  On day one, we will invent our own protocols and networks.  Day two we will cut the wire and attempt to deconstruct existing systems.  On day three we will explore possible interventions in public nets. There will be daily excursions to Tempelhofer Park for field testing and experiments.  Lunch will be served!  Sign up here.

I'll present our results during the Ludic Salon on February 6th.


  • Photo Documentation from
  • Video of our panel at the Ludic Salon
  • workshop page

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Further Exquisition

16 November 2010 | ¶


I'm off to the Piksel festival again this year.  Jonni Kemp and I are doing a geographically distributed, more analog process this time around.  Sad Sabrina won't be there but excited to try this highly contingent, potentially fragile approach.

Also very excited the exquisite_code novel has finally come back from the printer!  We will have a small release party in Bergen.

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