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Adblock Plus — for annoyance-free web surfing

It appears that your browser is not supported by Adblock Plus. Please install the latest Firefox browser first.
It appears that you are using Google Chrome. Adblock Plus for Google Chrome is available on a different page.
It appears that you are using Opera. Adblock Plus for Opera is available on a different page.
You seem to be running K-Meleon. Adblock Plus for K-Meleon is available on a different page.
  • Block annoying ads automatically, no distractions
  • Browse faster and safer
  • Fully customizable — you are in control
  • Easy to contribute, report issues when you see them

Install Adblock Plus It is free, no hidden costs!

Getting started System requirements Known issues What's new in this release Older versions

Help us improve Adblock Plus!

There are many ways to help the Adblock Plus project, everybody is welcome. Tell me more

"Adblock Plus in just over 1 Minute" screencast kindly provided by ProCasts.co.uk

Need to see more? Check out the screenshots!

Our other extensions

  • Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus
  • Customizations for Adblock Plus
  • Diagnostics for Adblock Plus
  • Adblock Plus for Google Chrome™
  • Adblock Plus for Opera
  • Adblock Plus for K-Meleon
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