Top 100 job sites

spacer This is the annual guide to the top 100 US job board niches. For each top employment category, the report lists the top 3 or 4 niche job sites. But first, start here with The complete job search guide – how to land a job at a great company and make sure you aren’t wasting your efforts – it won’t matter how many jobs you apply to if your job search skills are weak.

The point of this list is to avoid looking at the same jobs or job seekers that everyone else is visiting.  If you are looking for something harder to find, this report may be helpful.  To accomplish that, this report excludes:

  • job sites that lack top Google rankings
  • sites with high Google rankings but low credibility, authenticity or integrity.
  • sites which require registration or paid membership to be useful

Yes, you should also use one of the largest general-purpose job boards and a job search engine. There, you will find the greatest numbers — and greatest competition.

The top job sites list relies on my 13 years of experience running a top niche job board and dozens of hours of research. If you are deeply interested in the job board industry, you may also like to read my methods and observations companion to this report.

Here’s the executive summary – there’s a flood of search engine spam out there. So avoid posting your job or resume the first place you come to. Remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once”. Look for websites with personality, that win meaningful awards, that are in the news, that publish a blog – whose credibility is clearly high.

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