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Price Savaged: Ravaged Gets A Significant Price Drop

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 25, 2012 3:21 PM | 0 Comments

Ravaged, with its mix of vehicle and shooter combat unfurling in a Mad Max-style world, had a lot of promise, but as we said in our review, it was a bit of a let-down -- not because it was a bad game, but because there simply weren't enough other players to enjoy it with. Now we have news that it's undergoing a hefty price drop -- will this win enough players to transform Ravaged into the vibrant, kick-ass post-apocalyptic world it was meant to be? Read More »


Rush Bros: A Battle Of The DJs

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 25, 2012 2:55 PM | 0 Comments

When I watch this trailer for the upcoming split-screen sidescrolling platformer Rush Bros., I'm reminded a bit of Scott Pilgrim's battle of the bands. Duelling DJs throwing themselves through sawblade-littered landscapes in a contest to see who the better musician is? Yeah, it sounds dorky, but for what it lacks in substance, it's got spades in style. Read More »


Retribution Comes To EVE Online Next Week

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 25, 2012 2:22 PM | 0 Comments

EVE Online's been kicking about for nine years, and in that time 17 expansions have been released -- good grief. The newest expansion, Retribution, announced a couple of months ago, will be making its way to spacefaring gamers on December 4th. Read More »


Soulfinity Is A Chance To Overcome Death Itself

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 25, 2012 1:47 PM | 0 Comments

Greek mythology has given us some of the very best stories ever told, so it's interesting to see what happens when it gives root to a videogame. Soulfinity sees Odysseus reawakened in the year 2394, and given a bizarre self-sacrificing mechanic to solve puzzles in his quest to rid the world of the Titans. Read More »


Metro 2033's Preacher Is Back, And Nuttier Than Ever

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 24, 2012 4:09 PM | 0 Comments

"But I thought Metro: Last Light was supposed to be a shooter," you may sputter, as you watch gobs of saliva fly from the madly quivering jaw of a demented preacher in this new live-action trailer. True, it's not the typical way to get gamers hyped for a shooter -- but the madness on display here fits the post-apocalyptic setting wonderfully. Read More »


Far Cry 3's Robust Map Editor, Detailed

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 24, 2012 3:39 PM | 0 Comments

Far Cry 3 is already huge; our review says as much. But if you somehow end up exploring the entire island and having nothing left to discover, what do you do? Why, you make your own, of course! It's looking like a very real possibility, especially after seeing this very in-depth list of what tools we'll have at our disposal in the map maker. Read More »


Ether One Is An Adventure Game That "Flows On Science Fiction Undertones"

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 24, 2012 3:15 PM | 0 Comments

First-person adventuring? Physical and psychological exploration? Unnecessary amounts of darkness? It's a tick in all three boxes. I'm excited for upcoming indie adventure game Ether One, and this four-minute gameplay trailer doesn't disappoint. Read More »

Company Of Heroes 2: Preorder Rewards

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 24, 2012 2:54 PM | 0 Comments

I admittedly don't preorder games often, but when I do, just knowing I'll have it immediately after its unlock -- with a handy timer, and everything -- is often a reward enough in itself. So it's even more of a bonus that Steam is now offering Kickstarter-style tiered reward incentives for Company of Heroes 2. Read More »


The Walking Dead Ep 5: No Time Left Review

By Chuck Osborn | PC Reviews | Nov 23, 2012 9:03 PM | 0 Comments

In the tiresome debate over whether videogames can be considered art, one oft-mentioned criteria is, "Can a video game make you cry?" Okay, forget crying -- how about "Can a video game make you convulse?" Make you nearly faint? Turn away in grueling discomfort? Want to vomit? Based on any of these arbitrary milestones, No Time Left, the fifth and final episode in The Walking Dead adventure series from Telltale Games, most definitely qualifies as art -- exquisitely horrific, body-slam-your-emotions, tears-on-your-keyboard art. It is a near-perfect conclusion that may leave you emotionally gutted. Read More »


Guild Wars 2's Lost (Shores) Weekend

By Tom Chick | PC Articles | Nov 23, 2012 3:30 PM | 0 Comments

Like many horror stories, Guild Wars 2's Lost Shores event started with something crawling out of the sea. It happened last Friday at noon. This was a terrible time to for something to happen in an online game. People who had jobs were at work; people who didn't have jobs were still asleep. Since I fit squarely into one those two categories, I missed the start. But for better and worse, I was there for the rest of it, all the way through to the alternately ugly and glorious ending, and you can bet I got more than a lousy T-shirt. Next time you're playing Guild Wars 2 with me, check out the awesome earring on my left ear. Read More »


PlanetSide 2 Review in Progress

By Craig Pearson | PC Reviews | Nov 23, 2012 1:30 PM | 0 Comments

This is my favorite PlanetSide 2 story: I dropped into a game late one evening and found my Vanu outfit's platoon in dire need of some tiresome puns and some awkward-to-middling combat skills. They were winding down a gnarly battle to take control of Amerish's Heyoka Tech Plant. We were winning: it was surrounded by Sunderers (our mobile spawn points) and almost all the buildings were under our control. Ten minutes of pressure later and it was ours. But as is the case in PlanetSide 2's endless war, there was another face to punch: as we were wrestling the Terran Republic for the Tech plant, they'd regrouped and quickly taken an unmanned storage yard nearby. Nearby in this case was a 10-minute drive away. Time to move out. Read More »


Amnesia Fortnight: Have A Say In Double Fine's Prototyping Process

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 23, 2012 12:07 PM | 0 Comments

Game jamming isn't just an intense way for developers to spend a weekend -- it can be used as a development tool in its own right, just as Double Fine are demonstrating with "Amnesia Fortnight." Their internal game jam process isn't just being videoed for your pleasure -- why, you're getting involved too, by voting on the game concepts you want them to turn into fully playable prototypes. Read More »


The Book Of Unwritten Tales Gets A Prequel

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 23, 2012 11:34 AM | 0 Comments

When I first heard the name "Critter Chronicles," I (possibly predictably) couldn't help but wonder aloud: does it have cats? According to this trailer and batch of screenshots, it probably doesn't -- though this prequel to point-and-click adventure Book of Unwritten Tales does seem to teem with a variety of other quirky, adorable little creatures, and of that I approve. Oh, and we'll be getting our fluff fix soon -- it's out December 6th. Read More »


Splash Damage: On The Brink Of A Game Reveal?

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 23, 2012 11:04 AM | 0 Comments

Sometimes I feel like I was the only person in the world who sympathized with the tanked shooter Brink. I mean, it was kind of painful to play, but a partial reason for that was that it screamed with promise -- a stylish, fantastically realized world so devastatingly under-fulfilled. So it didn't make anybody's 2011 best-of list, but I've been curious to see where developer Splash Damage is planning to go next -- and it looks like I might find out soon. A mysterious image on the official website hints at the announcement of... something, taking place in less than a week. Read More »


Far Cry 3: A World Of Hurt

By Katie Williams | PC News | Nov 23, 2012 10:37 AM | 0 Comments

With a name like "Tactics, Weapons and Skills," I was expecting this new Far Cry 3 trailer to show off various methods of survival on the not-so-paradisal island, maybe something like a hardcore, grown-up version of Boy Scouts. My takeaway: there sure are a lot of ways to kill people that are not you. Read More »

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