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NetRexx is a programming and scripting language that can support your need to get products to market easier, faster, and at lower costs.

NetRexx blends the clean, easy-to-learn syntax of Rexx with the robustness and portability of the Java™ environment. The result is a language tuned for both scripting and application development, and designed for both interpretation and compilation – a truly general-purpose language.

  • NetRexx is an effective alternative to the Java language, letting you create applications and applets for the Java environment faster and more easily than by programming in Java.
  • Being very system-independent, NetRexx offers the advantages of portability to almost any operating system that supports the Java 1.1 toolkit and a compiler that includes the JVM.
  • NetRexx 2.02 is the NetRexx reference implementation for Java 1.1 and Java 1.2, and will only run correctly on a Java 1.1.2 (or later) platform.

News: IBM Contributes NetRexx to the Rexx Language Association

As part of IBM's continued support of the Open Source community, IBM NetRexx source code has been provided by IBM to the Rexx Language Association (RexxLA). The code will be available under an open source project from the RexxLA under International Components for Unicode License (ICU) V1.8.1.  By contributing NetRexx to the Open Source community, IBM is encouraging innovation around REXX and REXX applications.

For more information, refer to the RexxLA Web site (link resides outside of IBM will remove the IBM NetRexx Web site and associated Web pages after the RexxLA download is available.

  • IBM Contributes NetRexx to the Rexx Language Association

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