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WSO2 Products Overview

WSO2 revolutionizes enterprise application development by providing comprehensive, data to screen open source products, that span the entire breadth of SOA, yet remain lean, simple to use and inexpensive.

The key advantage is all WSO2 products are built on a common foundation – WSO2 Carbon, a modular, reconfigurable, elastic, OSGi-based architecture. This creates a strong stable base for building large-scale enterprise applications, as well as integrating with legacy and existing applications.

Open & Infinitely Flexible

To completely protect from lock-in, all WSO2 products are 100% Open Source and based on Open Standards. Enterprises, ISVs and SaaS providers have the freedom and flexibility to respond to changing business requirements by migrating apps and data across on-premise and cloud infrastructures and from one cloud provider to another.

The platform interoperates with existing and new purchases of standards-based components, integrates with a wide variety of legacy and packaged apps, and enables easy access to databases and file systems. Developers can extend the platform, customize code and use any programming model they like.

Additionally, this componentized architecture means

  • Instead of forcing you to adapt your systems to the middleware platform, WSO2 adjust to your environment.
  • You can start with just the functionality you need – an ESB, identity management solution or governance registry – and grow the system over time.
  • All products are configured and managed in a common, consistent manner – making it easy to add new functionality.
  • The exact same code can be deployed on a single-tenant on-premise deployment, on a cloud-deployment within a private PaaS based on WSO2 Stratos, or within WSO2 StratosLive, creating a true freedom of deployment.

Complete Eclipse-based SOA development environment for WSO2 Carbon based products.

  • Define a project representing a complete Carbon Application (C-App) spanning multiple products and features
  • Simplify creation of artifacts with graphical editors and management of the links and dependencies
  • Test and debug services within the IDE
  • Deploy on premise or in the cloud

Functions as “Eclipse for servers” and includes common capabilities shared by all WSO2 components, including a built-in registry, OSGi bundle, service and user management, transports, security, logging, clustering, caching and throttling services, and a GUI console.

Complete solution for publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community and for scalably routing API traffic.

Brings together best of breed open source technologies for Web applications, Web services and mobile, to easily share business logic, data, and process across the entire IT ecosystem.

Designed to monitor SOA metrics as well as configurable to monitor key business indicators.

Enables easy deployment of business processes written using the WS-BPEL standard, and also serves as the business process management and hosting environment for your SOA.

Brings the agility of business rules to your SOA toolkit

Identifies the most meaningful events within the event cloud, analyzes their impacts, and acts on them in real time.

Supports secure and managed data access across federated data stores, data service transactions, and data transformation and validation using a lightweight, developer friendly, agile development approach.

Provides fail-over, auto-scaling and multi-tenancy allowing services to scale automatically with dynamically changing load characteristics.

Takes a fresh look at old-style, centralized ESB architectures, giving you a feature rich and standards compliant ESB that is highly performant within a lean footprint.

Offers your execs, employees, partners, or customers a way to get all the information that they need, in one place.

Provides the right level of structure out-of-the-box to support SOA Governance, configuration governance, development process governance, design and run-time governance, lifecycle management, and team collaboration.

Sophisticated security and identity management of enterprise Web applications, Web services, and APIs.

Integrates your enterprise with the rich information available on the Web, enabling you to leverage popular Web 2.0 formats and protocols into your service platform.

Utilizes the only open standard wire protocol enterprise messaging available today to facilitate messaging via client applications across various widely used programming languages.

WSO2 Web Service Frameworks

WSO2 Web Service Frameworks support key WS-* specifications and provide the base communication functionality in SOAP, XML, JSON and other message formats carried over various transports including HTTP, SMTP, XMPP and TCP. They are fully tested for interoperability with .Net, and JEE implementations and support high availability deployments.

WSO2 Web Service Frameworks Include

Enables PHP applications to acquire enterprise grade Web services capabilities and seamlessly integrate with other Java or .Net systems.

Relieves you of the burden to integrate multiple software elements to build a comprehensive Web services stack.

Provides simple APIs for implementing Web services and Web service clients.

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