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  • 5 Things Toxic to Scalability
  • We use a broad brush to highlight the biggest no-nos in web application scalability.

  • 8 Best Practices for Deploying MySQL Databases on Amazon EC2
  • MySQL on Amazon EC2, the what, how and when.

    Hiring Guides

  • MySQL DBA Interview Questions (part 1)
  • MySQL DBA Interview Questions (part 2)
  • This two part guide for a hiring manager, focuses on the MySQL Database Operations role.


  • MySQL Replication with Hotbackups
  • Hotbackups make building replicas a snap. Avoid the downtime & speedup the process.

  • Ten Best Practices for MySQL Backups
  • Get your backups right so you can get some sleep at night!

    Industry Commentary

  • Why the Android Ecosystem is Broken
  • Androids platform has not labored under an iron fist. Now it’s ecosystem is paying the price.

  • Finding the Mythical MySQL DBA
  • A decade ago startups large and small were running on Oracle, but no longer. As the shift intensifies, it becomes harder and harder to find the right talent. Here’s why.

  • Why Generalists are Better at Scaling the Web
  • We argue that technologists with broad experience are needed to achieve scalability for today’s high traffic high transaction websites.

    Startup & Small Business Advice

  • 3 Things Every CEO Should Know About the Cloud
  • You’ve heard all the hype. Now for some medicine.

  • Consulting 101 – Finding Business
  • Consulting 101 – Completing Engagements
  • Consulting 101 – Growing Business
  • Our three part guide takes you through ten steps to building a successful consulting business. This is as much a guide for freelancers or wanna be consultants, as it is for startups, and those wishing to hire good temporary resources.

    Book Reviews

  • Scalability Rules for Managers & Startups
  • Learn about scalability from the guys at AKF.

  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  • Building a startup doesn’t have to mean big money. Stay efficient and build those margins.

    Hidden Gems

  • Cloud Computing Use Cases
  • Cut through the hype. Which types of applications really do lend themselves to deploying in the cloud?

  • Why (or Why Not) to Migrate to the Cloud
  • Ask some tough questions before you deploy everything in the cloud.

  • Introduction to EC2 Cloud Deployments
  • Soup to nuts guide to deploying applications on Amazon Web Services EC2.

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