Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Basics

    1. What is Dopplr?
    2. Dopplr? Is that name supposed to mean something?
    3. Why would using this make my life better?
    4. Why do you spell "Traveller" with two "l's" instead of one?
    5. I have a question you haven't answered here - what do I do?
  2. Adding trips

    1. How do I add trips from my Dopplr page?
    2. Can I add trips by email, or SMS, or Twitter?
    3. Can I input multiple destinations in one trip form when I'm making several stops before heading home?
    4. Does the email importer understand multi-stop trips?
    5. Can I add one-way trips?
    6. How can I add additional trip information, such as flight number; departure and arrival times; hotels, etc?
    7. Sometimes, when travelling, I'm in two cities the same day. How can I indicate this?
    8. If my trip is starting, say April 1st, 21:00, should I enter the start date as 2008-04-01 or 2008-04-02, because most of the day, I'm still in my home town? Is there such a guideline?
    9. I often travel with my spouse/colleague/etc. Any shortcuts for entering our matching data?
  3. The trip page

    1. Can I contact the fellow travellers I coincidence with?
    2. Can I share my trips with non-Dopplr users?
    3. On the page about my trip there are tips, who wrote them?
    4. How can I add my own tips, questions and answers?
    5. How can I learn where my fellow travellers spend time while travelling?
  4. About destination cities

    1. What if Dopplr doesn't recognise the destination I want to travel to?
    2. Why can't I use the name of a larger area than just a city as my destination, such as a region, territory, island or country?
    3. Why does a city name I'm putting in the destination field automatically change to something else?
    4. Can I use airport codes instead of city names?
  5. Invitations, coincidences and fellow travellers

    1. How do I find people I know?
    2. How do I see trips of people I know?
    3. How can I stop seeing someone else's trips?
    4. Several people have let me see their trips, but am I required to share mine with them?
    5. How can I know when my friends are visiting my town?
    6. Can I view the upcoming trips of a friend or colleague in my desktop calendar?
    7. Can I contact people from within Dopplr, apart from leaving a public note on their trip pages?
    8. How can I coincidence more?
  6. Mobile use

    1. Do you have a version of the Dopplr website that works with my mobile phone?
    2. Can I use Dopplr from my mobile phone by text message?
    3. Do you have an iPhone mobile version?
  7. Account settings

    1. How do I change my home city?
    2. Can I change my screen name?
    3. I'm using a new email address, how do I update my account?
    4. Can I add more information to my profile than my home city, such as my blog URL?
    5. Can I change the way Dopplr sends me emails?
    6. What is my public profile?
  8. Other ways to get Dopplr

    1. Do you have a Dopplr application on Facebook?
    2. How can my Facebook friends see my Dopplr trips?
    3. Why does the Dopplr application on Facebook sometimes get my trips wrong?
    4. Do you have a blog badge and can I customise it?
    5. Does Dopplr have an API so I can add my Dopplr trips to my own site or application?
    6. Can I publish my trips to FriendFeed?
    7. How can I blog my trips?
  9. Privacy

    1. Can I stop Dopplr from displaying any information about me to strangers?
    2. Why am I finding some information about my trips when I do searches? Is the RSS feed or something going public?
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FAQ Topics

  1. Basics
  2. Adding trips
  3. The trip page
  4. About destination cities
  5. Invitations, coincidences and fellow travellers
  6. Mobile use
  7. Account settings
  8. Other ways to get Dopplr
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