What to wear for auditions in 2012?

spacer The clothes you wear can tell someone who you are even before you open your mouth to speak. More specifically, you have to be careful on the choice of colors you wear for auditions in 2012. In this section, I will take you through the meaning different colors may convey to the panel of judges. It is then up to you to choose which color best suits you for the auditions:

  1. Green. It can be used to symbolize fertility, the natural world and general well-being. This concept is borrowed from the fact that most healthy and productive plants have green leaves. When wearing it for auditions you will convey a message of energy; that you feel a need of change or growth and there is a state of balance, calmness and order in your life. Other messages this color conveys are freedom to pursue new ideas and independence.
  2. Yellow. Bright yellow is mainly associated with sunshine and represents happiness and joy. There are different shades of yellow and each shade conveys its own meaning. However, the most common shade is the clear light sunny yellow. Moreover, this color is usually associated with wisdom and intellect so expect one or two questions from the panel. Yellow conveys a cheery and uplifting atmosphere that can supplement your smile before the auditions.
  3. Red. Wearing red for auditions conveys the message of courage and energy. Other messages that are portrayed by this color are determination, power and passion. If you are not a very confident person, try wearing red to supplement your energy. However, you may want to avoid dark red as it also represents anger, rage and malice. On the other hand, red can also represent sexuality.
  4. Brown. It is the earthโ€™s color and is commonly used to represent humility; although at times it may be viewed as dull. Many consider this color much more casual than black. It is also a sign of dependability and persistence. Wearing this color to the auditions may also bring you out as a neutral person.
  5. White. This color symbolizes innocence and purity; and the good thing about it is that it can blend with any other color. At the auditions panel you may come across as open and truthful which is not a bad thing. Nevertheless, white can make you appear soft and delicate which can be detrimental as the panel may unconsciously develop a habit of picking up on you.
  6. Orange. This color can be used to display enthusiasm and creativity. It can also mean vitality coupled with persistence. Orange is a dynamic color and shows some sort of control, thoughtfulness and a desire for exploration. Wearing orange at the auditions can help balance your emotions particularly if you are scared or nervous.
  7. Indigo/purple. Purple is a combination of red and blue, which are two of the most common colors. At the auditions, this color would bring out in you a feeling of fulfilment particularly spiritual fulfilment. This is color that is also associated with royalty and abundance; it is the most common color for kings and queens. Other messages conveyed by this color are fantasy, imagination and mystery.
  8. Black. Black is the most misunderstood color. It is common in official settings such as dinner and dates. Nevertheless, this color also portrays death in some communities. The color portrays mystery, peaceful emptiness, self-control and inconspicuousness.

spacer As you can see from the above descriptions, the color you wear for 2012 auditions can determine to some extent what the panel will think of you. Therefore, choose your clothes wisely.

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