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spacer docs/  296679  2 years  derick  - Resurrect trunk for branches/PHP_5_3
spacer tests/  320369  11 months  iliaa  Fixed Bug #55478 (FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL fails with internationalized domain nam…
spacer CREDITS  296679  2 years  derick  - Resurrect trunk for branches/PHP_5_3
spacer callback_filter.c  321634  10 months  felipe  - Year++
spacer config.m4  296679  2 years  derick  - Resurrect trunk for branches/PHP_5_3
spacer config.w32  306241  23 months  pajoye  - add PHP_INSTALL_HEADERS to all parts (core&exts) exposing headers, generate th…
spacer filter.c  321634  10 months  felipe  - Year++
spacer filter_private.h  321634  10 months  felipe  - Year++
spacer logical_filters.c  321634  10 months  felipe  - Year++
spacer php_filter.h  321634  10 months  felipe  - Year++
spacer sanitizing_filters.c  321634  10 months  felipe  - Year++


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