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above Calico again

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Amazingly enough FLG and I are back in the mountains behind Calico
just 11 months after our first trip up here. This is a picture of our fire
pit on a very cool Friday night. That is the city of Barstow or Barfstow
off in the distance. There were almost no winds to speak of this trip
and the firepit was doing a fine job of radiating heat. I was drinking
Gin Bucks that night and they were good.


This is sunrise on Saturday morning. The cloud cover prevented me
from actually being able to photograph the sun and the clouds hung
around all day. the only sunshine we got that day was at sundown as
you can see in the next picture. We did a lot of shooting. What’s up
there buddy showed up for several hours and got in a lot of shooting


Sundown across the desert. The cloud cover broke up just after dark
Saturday night and the evening was cooler than Friday night. The
winds were also very low to none at all so the firepit was working just
fine Saturday night too. As the cloud cover thickened up during the
night the temperature seemed to warm up just a little which made
sleeping a lot nicer with just the propane cat heater going in the
trailer. I was actually planning to run the Generator each night so
that I could use my ceramic heater but it never got cold enough to
warrent that. I think the temps never dipped below 48 degrees.


Here is the new truck/trailer combo. I gave my F-150 to my son and
I now own a 2010 Toy Taco 4×4. It pulls the trailer with ease and now
off roading is 100% nicer knowing I can crawl through rough roads
pulling the trailer without bouncing the heck out of it or it’s contents.
Since it has the long bed, I basically have the same cargo space that
my Ford had plus I have over 50% more space in the back due to the
four doors. Sweet.


Kevin in rare form.


Sunrise Sunday morning. A bit cooler than Saturday morning. Clouds
still ever present. Time to start packing.


There was a shot up concrete wall just below our hilltop campsite. It
was part of the Silver Bow mining project. You can see this feature
in calico camp trip 2010 (second photo). I thought this would make a
cool photo op.


I had a Master Lock that didn’t have a key so I took the opportunity
to have Kevin blow it up. Now I have a nice cable available for a new
lock. This took three shots to liberate.


This is the trail marker for the trail to the Silver Bow mine where we
camped. There are dozens and dozens of nice trails out here that
access tons of old silver and copper mines. Plenty more good times

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  1. Looks like a good time was had. I would have been there if not for having a bad cold. Perhaps I shall join you next time in the motor home? Maybe the picture of Kevins’ truck can be submitted to

    Comment by Dave HDX — 12/10/2010 @ 1:26 pm

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