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Nerds' Newest Ventures: 'Hacker Hostels'

While the newly rich continue to gobble up overpriced real estate in San Francisco proper, the budding young entrepreneurs who continue to flock to Silicon Valley, heads all filled with Zuckerberg dreams, are operating on a much tighter ramen budget. Enter "Hacker Hostels" — the latest way for startup types to keep up their collegiate lifestyle alive while they figure out how to pay the rent with their next big idea.more ›

NewsAndrew DaltonJul 6, 2012 9 Comments

Worried You Might Be A Brogrammer? There's A Handy Quiz For That

If you're one of the many dudes suddenly questioning where you fit on the Geek-Bro spectrum now that Brogrammers have come along to testosterone things up, you can fret no more. A Chicago programmer/humorist has come along to code up a handy quiz that you can take while lounging in your favorite South Park Café or corporate shuttle to Mountain View. Be warned the "Are You A Brogrammer?" Quiz will either ease your worries or confirm your suspicions about your level of Bro-ness.more ›

Arts & EntertainmentAndrew DaltonMay 30, 2012 9 Comments

Taco Conf 2012: A Conference Based On Tacos & Bicycles

At long last a conference will be held in honor of tacos, the superior taqueria treat. Taco Conf 2012 brings together tacos and cycling where one can pedal around both sides of the bay to discuss food, culture, and technology. Attendees will get the chance to ride their bicycles on a tour of some of the best antojitos in the Bay Area. Yes, you're going. What to bring? According to Taco Conf's site. all you need is a bicycle and some cash to buy savory, sublime tacos. You can also bring your kids too! It's a family event. more ›

FoodBrock KeelingMay 3, 2012 6 Comments

Beware The Rise Of The 'Brogrammer'

Sometime in the last ten or twelve years, the stereotypical image of the Silicon Valley programmer has shifted from socially awkward, Utili-kilt-wearing geek to something far more sinister, and fratty, and sexist. Mother Jones reports on the trend — following on similar stories from Businessweek and Jezebel — pointing a finger directly at Path exec Matt Van Horn who recently gave a talk at the South by Southwest Interactive festival. The 28-year-old Van Horn used terms like "gangbang interview" to describe an interview-by-committee, and talked about landing a job at Digg by sending the founders a nudie calendar he'd made at University of Arizona — a school known more for training people in keg standing than in C++ threads. As you might imagine, the female journalist from Mother Jones walked out disgustedly and tweeted angrily from the lobby.more ›

NewsJay BarmannApr 27, 2012 16 Comments
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