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Application Indicators


Simple, sleek, consistent access to the key features in your application, all available via Application Indicators.

Application indicators provide a simple and effective API to provide an application icon in the notification area in the top-right part of the screen, and provide simple, accessible, and complete access to key parts of your application. With bindings for C, Python, and Mono, you can integrate your app into the Unity desktop quickly and easily.


  • Application indicators are more consistent – no more left and right-click inconsistency. Always left click to see the items.
  • Scrubbing – you can click once on an app indicator and scrub left and right through other indicators with your mouse.
  • More accessible – importantly, scrubbing also applies to the keyboard: this means you could bind a key to the indicator applet, hit that key and then use the arrow keys to navigate through all the indicators.
  • Themable panel icons – you can set a specific icon to be a panel icon for an indicator: this should make it easier for creating single colour panel icons for light and dark themes.
  • KDE/GNOME compatability – KDE applications running in GNOME will have their application notification menus rendered with GTK widgets and vice-versa.

More Information

  • Technical Overview with code samples.
  • Indicate-0.7 Python API Documentation
  • libindicate Reference Manual
  • AppIndicator-0.3 Python API Documentation
  • libappindicator Reference Manual

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