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AMNH DSpace Digital Repository

The AMNH DSpace Digital Repository is a digital archive maintained by the Research Library for AMNH Scientific Publications and materials digitized by the Library.

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  • Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
    Studying the immense variety of life on the planet and the complex relations among living things — what we now call biodiversity — has been a fundamental activity of the American Museum of Natural History since its founding. ...
  • Earth And Planetary Sciences
    The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the American Museum of Natural History curates the museum's world renowned collections of minerals and gems, meteorites, ores, rocks, and xenoliths. Staff members conduct ...
  • Research Library
    Research Library
  • Richard Gilder Graduate School
    The Richard Gilder Graduate School of the American Museum of Natural History will oversee post-secondary training activities at the Museum in the graduate fields of study embraced by the institution’s mission. The Richard ...
  • Scientific Publications

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