Our Process

We believe that web design when done correctly produces an inclusive and elegant result. We have a simple and highly effective staged process we follow with every project tailored respectfully to its scope; a series of five phases that together, address the core fundamentals of creating unique, stylish and usable designs for the web.  While the end deliverable is ultimately “web design”, is it the process in which gets us to a successful launch of a design that makes us both unique and highly effective.

  1. Creative Strategy & Discovery

    Our objective is to connect with an organization in an effort to understand internal processes, audience demographics and business objectives in an effort to translate that into a creative strategy.

    • Executive/Stake-holder Interviews
    • User-research
    • Analytics Analysis
    • Heuristic Evaluation
    • Competitive Market Analysis
  2. Information Design

    Once we understand an organization and its constituents, we begin to fully architect the user-experience. We work to organize the universe of content, content types, content hierarchies and the relationships between these facets of the organization and its constituents.

    • Internal Interviews
    • Use-cases
    • User-personas
    • User-flows
    • Interaction-flows
    • Site mapping
    • Wireframing
  3. Visual Design

    We design websites that stand-out among the crowd. We ensure the best presentation through elegant designs geared specifically towards your industry and audience.

    • Inspiration Mood Boards
    • Brand Identity Design
    • User-interface Design
  4. Technical Design

    We believe that the code-behind is as fundamentally important and thus should be as clean, elegant and beautiful as the front-facing visual aesthetic.

    • Advanced CSS
    • Dom Scripting (JavaScript)
    • ActionScript 2.0/3.0 (Flash)
  5. Back-end Integration/Customization

    Whether collaborating on a custom built system or extending third-party content management systems, we have extensive experience ensuring a successful integrated and customized solution.

    • Open-Source CMS Customization
    • Server Side Development
    • Integration with 3rd party systems

What We Do

  • We create strategy and design solutions for the Web.
  • We design for best-practices in information design, usability & accessibility across browsers, users and mediums.
  • We are strong Web Standards advocates who believe that valid and extensible solutions are essential.
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