With over 20 years of working exclusively for our nonprofit clients worldwide, iWave has brought together industry leading solutions to help nonprofits better understand their current donors and identify prospective donors.


Depending on what your nonprofit organization wishes to accomplish (start a capital campaign, create a gala invite list, secure major gifts), you decide which prospects to select from your internal systems for the analysis.

spacer Once you provide the necessary input, each prospect will be run through the dual screening process. First is a screen to determine their inclination to give (philanthropy) and then there is a screen to estimate capacity to give (wealth). There are over 25 data sets used in the analysis.

Deliver Results
As output of the screening service, you are presented with an executive summary, a totals report with every prospect rated and scored and the detailed profiles for the top prospects. You are then trained on how to interpret the results. The results can also be automatically imported back into your donor management system.

Find more about the top Prospects and Discover new ones
Throughout your subscription with iWave, you will have access to iWave’s Prospect Research Online (PRO) so that you can evaluate your top prospects further and identify new ones. PRO also contains invaluable information on foundations and companies.

Make the Ask
By analyzing your prospect’s philanthropic background and wealth capacity, iWave will help you maximize gift opportunities and devise realistic strategies. Make the Ask with Confidence.

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