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Returning Photoshop’s luminosity mask keyboard shortcut
2006.03.10, 21:56 | Comments (5)

This drove me nuts for about a week.


2005.05.01, 15:29 | Comments (12)

I’m not sure it’s the smartest thing in the world to install a major update to your operating system at 2:00 a.m. after you’ve helped a small dinner party consume four or five bottles of wine, but that’s what I did when I got home last night (um, this morning).


Siracusa on Tiger
2005.04.29, 14:59 | Comments (1)

Another major OS X release, another terrific article from John Siracusa.


Jef Raskin dies
2005.02.28, 01:27 | Comments (2)

Jef Raskin, one of the key figures in the development of the Macintosh computer, died Saturday.


2005.02.14, 23:19 | Comments (0)

Congratulations to Todd Dominey on the launch of SlideShowPro.


2005.01.17, 22:25 | Comments (3)

Technorati gets meta on me


Buddy, can you spare a hotspot?
2005.01.12, 19:38 | Comments (10)

A digital divide of a different kind.


WestCiv’s “Complete CSS Guide” on your iPod
2004.12.15, 23:22 | Comments (2)

This is a neat-o thing to do: WestCiv Software has created a version of their “Complete Guide to CSS” that can live on your iPod.


SideTrack: a driver for PowerBook and iBook trackpads
2004.11.27, 11:17 | Comments (0)

It’s good to be able to load a fair subset of those abilities right into the trackpad for when I’m standing up working with the PowerBook perched on top of the refrigerator.


2004.11.17, 23:05 | Comments (6)

I’m enjoying this new iSight thing, but I can kind of see why videophones have never really taken off.


Ergonomic keyboard
2004.10.17, 23:11 | Comments (12)

On mine, I seem to recall it was the A key that would repeat about half a dozen times on a single press, while one or two other keys developed little idiosyncrasies of their own.


Protected memory
2004.10.03, 20:34 | Comments (7)

When duty calls.


BBAutoComplete 1.3
2004.09.22, 23:28 | Comments (2)

BBEdit afficiandos will be pleased to hear that Michael Tsai’s BBAutoComplete is now at version 1.3 — congratulations!


Macintosh considered dangerous!
2004.09.22, 22:06 | Comments (39)

Help needed! Looking for serious and authoritative rebuttals to demolish the argument that Macs are “dangerous” in large corporations.


New PowerBook on its way
2004.09.18, 14:31 | Comments (15)

My first new computer in years. I won’t be retiring the beloved Pismo any time soon, though.


BBEdit 8
2004.08.31, 01:04 | Comments (7)

BBEdit 8 has been released. Hosannah!


Another hammer
2004.08.22, 10:11 | Comments (1)

Steve Minutillo on no undo in Safari.


MT3 Developers Contest
2004.07.24, 11:04 | Comments (0)

Congratulations to the winners of the Plug In To Movable Type content.


Pixelpalooza 2004
2004.04.22, 10:06 | Comments (3)

The Iconfactory announces the winners of Pixelpalooza 2004.


2004.03.11, 09:37 | Comments (11)

From the author of SmartyPants, a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers.


2004.02.28, 12:48 | Comments (8)

The broadband revolution was slow breaching the walls of this old house, but what may have been the last bastion of ISDN connectivity in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area fell yesterday…


Excellent favelets list
2004.02.15, 09:55 | Comments (3)

Sean Willson provides a great list of browser favelets that’s worth taking a look at.


Life Balance
2004.02.03, 23:01 | Comments (7)

I’m leaving a little Post-It to myself to check it out more thoroughly later, just as soon as I deal with these other things I’ve got to do over here.


Safari Displays Titles Properly!
2003.12.18, 23:05 | Comments (19)

I downloaded the 10.3.2 update for Mac OS today and just noticed that Safari now displays title attributes in little ‘tool tips’ type text boxes just like other browsers.


FruitMenu Supports Panther
2003.12.17, 10:05 | Comments (0)

I was having a hard time getting by without FruitMenu, but I no longer have to.


Synchronised Data
2003.12.04, 23:08 | Comments (4)

Neat-o backup and file synching utility ChronoSync goes to 2.0.


Pictures of the Apple Store, Ginza
2003.11.30, 20:07 | Comments (19)

Well, pictures of the outside of the store. I wasn’t going to queue for more than 3 city blocks to get in. It was, as predicted, a madhouse.


Apple Releases 42-inch Plasma iMac
2003.11.18, 23:58 | Comments (17)

Exclusive picture.


Take Control of Panther
2003.11.12, 21:45 | Comments (7)

Haven’t installed Panther yet and wondering about the best way to go about it? Or you’ve installed it just fine and now it’s time to figure out all the groovy things you can do to customise it?


Alera Digital Photo Copy Cruiser
2003.11.11, 21:42 | Comments (5)

This could be interesting: Alera’s Digital Photo Copy Cruiser copies photographs from common media cards directly to CD without a computer.


Date Set for Apple Store in Ginza
2003.11.05, 00:14 | Comments (9)

Guess I know where I’ll be Sunday morning, November 30.


2003.11.02, 22:05 | Comments (22)

Speaking of big cats, the ol’ Pismo was Panthered a few days ago. I swore I wasn’t going to install Mac OS 10.3 yet — too busy, deadlines, must develop a sense of responsibility and so on — but, naturally, who could wait?


Belkin Card Reader Review
2003.10.24, 09:36 | Comments (6)

Possible problems with the Belkin Media Reader with larger Compact Flash cards?


Adobe’s Creative Suite
2003.09.29, 15:18 | Comments (5)

MacCentral has an article on Adobe’s soon to be released Creative Suite.


Somewhat Infinite
2003.09.26, 23:10 | Comments (6)

On Dell and its crappy Apple rip-offs.


Style Sheets Are the Faces of the Web
2003.09.17, 16:29 | Comments (10)

Steven Frank puts his finger on something that’s been going through my mind lately: RSS feeds and click-throughs.


BBEdit Version Control
2003.09.09, 16:33 | Comments (2)

John Gruber has written a neat introduction to version control with BBEdit and CVS for MacWorld.


2003.08.16, 12:54 | Comments (0)

You’ve probably seen this by now, but I’ve been meaning to mention that Michael Tsai’s BBAutoComplete is now at version 1.2.


John Treby’s iDesk
2003.08.14, 19:01 | Comments (3)

This new iMac-inspired desk looks pretty neat, but where do you put all your papers and books?


Griffin iTrip Apparently Illegal in UK
2003.07.31, 23:52 | Comments (21)

According to this story from Tony Smith in The Register, Griffin’s iTrip FM radio transmitter for the iPod appears to be illegal in the UK.


20th Century Voyage
2003.06.30, 12:01 | Comments (7)

Very cool screensaver for Mac OS X.


Linux Overtakes Macintosh, Film at 11
2003.06.27, 17:14 | Comments (5)

Always fun to read a good writer in full curmudge: John Gruber on Paul Boutin’s silly article


Bundle::DBI Available Here
2003.06.06, 16:08 | Comments (1)

I’m making Rob Giseburt’s Bundle::DBI package for Mac OS X available here because his server seems to be off the air at the moment. Rob, I hope this OK.


Choosing Battles Wisely
2003.06.03, 10:47 | Comments (2)

John Gruber on Apple’s declining to become the next Napster.


The Scrollwheels of Your Mind
2003.06.01, 12:02 | Comments (11)

Safari’s scrolling is scrolling how my mind works.


No More Bryce for Macintosh
2003.05.31, 20:41 | Comments (2)

Speaking of weather, in this case virtual renditions of it, MacCentral reports that Corel has announced it’s bailing on further Mac development of Bryce. Yappari, as they say.


MT Rebuild Mod
2003.05.20, 23:55 | Comments (5)

Verily there is much sweetness in the land these days. Sean Willson’s MT rebuild mod lets you control how each index template gets rebuilt.


404 to Search Page
2003.05.20, 23:50 | Comments (14)

When you try to access an address on a site that doesn’t exist, you get a 404 error. What you should get is an attempt to find the page you’re after and, if that doesn’t work, a search page where you can enter a string of your own devising. Thanks to this ingenious PHP snippet from Erik Barzeski that’s exactly what you can offer wayward visitors to your site.


Safari Displaying Source Code
2003.05.20, 23:13 | Comments (17)

When clicking on a link, Safari can sometimes display the source code for the page rather than the rendered result of the code. Hitting reload displays the page properly. Anyone have any info on this? I can’t find a lead anywhere.


Photopal 1.0 Beta
2003.05.14, 15:43 | Comments (3)

Photopal: image organization system featuring template driven layout, automatic thumbnail creation, RSS feeds, picture level EXIF date extraction, and picture level descriptions, all without the need for an SQL like database.


Annoying Bugs
2003.05.04, 00:31 | Comments (8)

Troubleshooting an annoying high-pitched sound from my computer turns out to be an interesting lesson in cognitive psychology and the miracle of binaural hearing.


Linking to the iTunes Music Store
2003.04.30, 15:39 | Comments (6)

Creating links into the iTunes Music Store


The Apple Music Store
2003.04.29, 13:36 | Comments (10)

Congrats to Apple on the new Music Store. I just wish I could use it from here in Japan.


Habeas Sues Spammers
2003.04.06, 18:05 | Comments (0)

Habeas, the company that aims to stop spam by embedding copyrighted and trademarked material in the headers of e-mail, is springing into action with cases against alleged infringers.


Daring Fireball Interviews Brent Simmons
2003.03.29, 22:13 | Comments (0)

John Gruber interviews Brent Simmons. (You’ve probably seen this, but if you haven’t, you should.)


Gore Joins Apple’s Board
2003.03.20, 09:26 | Comments (12)

Al Gore joins Apple’s board of directors. Earth-toned iMacs in stores soon?


Alcohol-Powered Laptops
2003.03.15, 20:21 | Comments (8)

Alcohol-powered laptops on the way
2003.03.15, 16:55 | Comments (1) by Scott Houchin is a fast and wonderful way to mount disk images in OS X.


Man Shoots Laptop
2003.03.07, 21:21 | Comments (7)

From the BBC: Man shoots laptop. Oh, those crazy Americans.


Camino 0.7
2003.03.07, 12:17 | Comments (14)

Camino 0.7 (formerly Chimera) was released yesterday


SmartyPants 1.2
2003.02.28, 11:26 | Comments (2)

SmartyPants 1.2 is here, bigger and better than ever.


2003.02.28, 11:22 | Comments (0)

“BBEdit Junior” didn’t really grab me either, I must say.


Straights vs. Curlies
2003.02.22, 16:56 | Comments (3)

Grumblings can be heard concerning smart vs. dumb quotes on the web. SmartyPants author John Gruber makes the righteous case for the curlies. Bravo.


Farewell Chimera
2003.02.19, 23:47 | Comments (8)

Someone let the lawyers out and Chimera has to change its name.


Oh, the Irony
2003.02.11, 22:16 | Comments (16)

Kevin Mitnick has a company now called Defensive Thinking. It’s a security consultancy. Twice in the past two weeks hackers have broken into the site and left messages. Oops.


SmartyPants 1.1
2003.02.08, 12:12 | Comments (0)

SmartyPants 1.1 is here and it’s better than ever.


Dictionary Look-up from Chimera’s Toolbar
2003.01.20, 23:14 | Comments (13)

A toolbar bookmark for Chimera that does a word look-up on Also one for the thesaurus.


2003.01.20, 22:40 | Comments (3)

As you probably know by now, Kung-Log (post to MT sites from your desktop!) has been rewritten in Cocoa, Here’s a test post from the latest version (1.1).


Cat, Free to Good Home
2003.01.05, 23:27 | Comments (6)

Free to good home: beckoning cat icon (Mac OS X).


Accessorize Your iPod
2002.12.27, 23:37 | Comments (56)

Stopped by Sakuraya in Shinjuku this afternoon and saw this, um… accessory.


The Return of the Scapbook?
2002.12.27, 12:32 | Comments (4)

Will NetNewsWire bring back the Scrapbook?


Spammers Harvesting RSS
2002.12.22, 16:07 | Comments (17)

This was only a matter of time of course, but I’ve received the first piece of spam sent to an address that only appears in my RSS feeds.


Big Deal for QT in Japan
2002.12.11, 12:21 | Comments (0)

From CNet: Apple’s QuickTime is poised to make headway as an audio and video delivery platform for mobile phones in Japan, with new standards-compatible software on its way and a fresh endorsement by leading wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo.


MacWorld Tokyo Cancelled!
2002.12.05, 22:51 | Comments (2)

MacWorld Tokyo 2003 cancelled!?


2002.11.30, 21:47 | Comments (19)

From somebodydial911:

If you’ve gone through the effort of marking up your site in XHTML, you’ve gotta be asking yourself when some of the payoff is supposed to occur.


The “Finder”
2002.11.27, 23:16 | Comments (3)

From, an excellent summary of what’s wrong with the Finder in OS X.


2002.11.24, 21:34 | Comments (0)

SnipSnap ( is using the RSS syndication buttons I gave away here a while back. This makes me feel good.


Starry Night Arrives
2002.11.18, 23:12 | Comments (0)

Just in time for the Leonids, my copy of Starry Night arrived today. The biggest changes are to the…


Greeting from 10.2.2
2002.11.12, 23:45 | Comments (3)

Mac OS 10.2.2 is out. Links to the standalone updaters included.


Starry Night 4
2002.11.11, 11:46 | Comments (4)

Starry Night (fantastic desktop astronomy software) bumped to OS X-native version 4.


Transmit and BBEdit: Together Again!
2002.11.09, 15:41 | Comments (3)

Transmit and BBEdit: Two great apps that go great together.


And Speaking of Browsers…
2002.11.05, 21:42 | Comments (7)

Could IE6 be obeying some standards better than anything else? A bizarre hypothesis awaits proof.


Chimera 0.6
2002.11.05, 21:16 | Comments (0)

Chimera 0.6 is out. The download link seems to be busted, however. I happened to download the latest nightly build…


IE666: The Browser of the Beast
2002.11.05, 01:38 | Comments (9)

I spent the afternoon huddled in a café drinking terrible coffee (hey, it was highly caffeinated and the refills were…


Greedy Photoshop
2002.11.03, 17:02 | Comments (5)

Anyone know why Photoshop 7 gets greedy with CPU usage when idle under OS X?


IE(PC): A Quick Note
2002.10.30, 21:58 | Comments (3)

In which I barely restrain myself from exploding in rage and frustration at the bug-infested piece of crap that is Internet Explorer on the PC.


Pismos of the World, Unite!
2002.10.26, 11:53 | Comments (5)

The Pismo PowerBook is shaping up to be one of those workhorse machines that Apple comes up with every once…


Buttons Redux: Tweakability
2002.10.25, 23:41 | Comments (25)

Dave Winer wrote on Scripting News this morning about variations in the orange XML button: Please don’t tweak the little…


A Special Place in My Hard Drive
2002.10.24, 18:02 | Comments (4)

I saw a great sig file at the bottom of a newsgroup posting once that said “Don’t anthropomorphize computers: they… is neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its contents. This is a safe-cache copy of the original web site.