Great Group Sex Advice

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Group sex is a fantasy for many men and women alike. Orgies are typically easy to set up, and can be fun for all involved. There are a few things you should keep in mind to plan a great event.

Check Out the Clubs

Many swingers clubs have meet ups monthly where people can get together and explore different aspects of their sexuality. Most of the time you must pay a membership for admittance, and must provide a valid ID. Condoms are almost always provided. The clubs can be safer than just going out and finding people since they are regulated and have strict rules.

Host a Sex Party

If you are involved in the swinging community, hosting a group sex party should be relatively easy. Just be sure that you invite couples who are willing to swap and participate in group activities. It’s also a good idea to invite more couples than you actually want, as some will inevitably back out anyhow.

Be Prepared

If you are hosting a group sex party, you want to make sure you have plenty of condoms, lubes, clean towels, and even showers available. It’s also not a bad idea to have drinks and munchies available, as prolonged group sex can lead to hunger and thirst later. Just be a good host. Make your expectations clear at the beginning of the night. If you want to have a no cameras policy, state that when you send the invitations. If you expect the guests to provide anything, that needs to be stated as well. This will lead to no surprises and delays in the fun on the night of the party.

Pain and Pleasure – How to Experiment with Both in the Bedroom

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Pain can be pleasurable for many people. Even for those who aren’t ordinarily fond of pain, some mild pain can enhance a sexual experience. This doesn’t have to mean extreme bondage or sadomasochism, it can be just enough to make it pleasurable for both parties. There are some simple ways you can incorporate this in to your bedroom without crossing any lines.

Scratching and Biting

A simple way to incorporate pain in to your bedroom activities is to utilize light scratching and biting. Scratching on your partners back during sex can increase the arousal level quite a bit. You don’t need to scratch hard, in fact, you don’t need to draw blood or leave any marks at all. Typically just the added pressure is enough. Biting can be a way to enhance the sensation as well. And again, you don’t have to bite hard.

Hot Wax

Using hot wax is another way to incorporate mild pain and sensation to your lovemaking. Soy wax candles are great for this since the wax melts at a much lower temperature, and will not leave serious burns. Soy is also good for your skin, with less chance of a reaction from the wax. To do this, simply light a soy candle and once a little has melted, test the wax on yourself. If the temperature seems appropriate, you can lightly drip the soy on your partners back, chest, shoulders, or belly.

Light BDSM

BDSM doesn’t have to be hardcore to be pleasurable. You can purchase kits that have blindfolds, small cat o’nine tails, and maybe even cuffs or straps for tying up. The cat o’nine tails are great to introduce whipping in to the scene without going too extreme.

Phone Sex Advice

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If you are taking part in phone sex then there are a few things that you should be aware of. You will need to make sure that both you and your partner are able to have a pleasurable experience whenever you are having phone sex. It can easily feel awkward, especially at first; make sure that you are both comfortable with what you are saying and that you both feel turned on by each other.

Use Your Imagination

Even if you do not feel turned on with the person that you are speaking to, simply imagine them as somebody that does turn you on. It will be a lot more pleasurable for both of you if you are both turned on and getting into it. If you are unable to get turned on or climax then focus on your partner and make sure that they are able to.


At first it may seem a little silly to be saying the things that you will be saying. However, if you actually visualize what it is that you are saying as you say it, it will help quite a bit. Simply saying the words is one thing, but thinking about doing it and imagining yourself doing it is something that will help to make it a lot more real.

Prepare Yourself

If you find that you have trouble warming up over the phone then it may be a good idea to do so before hand. Teasing and playing with yourself before you make the call may help you to get into the conversation a little bit more.

Open Relationships

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Open relationships can be a lot of fun and even healthy for those that can handle and understand them. You will find that there are a lot of different people that prefer these to the more monogamous relationships that are seen as common. It is a good idea for you to make sure that you are open and honest about your need for an open relationship right off the bat so that your partner is not misled in any way.

What They Are

Basically, an open relationship is when a person is in more than one relationship at a time, many would call this Swinging. This means more than one sexual partner and sometimes, more than one emotional partner. It is important that every party that is involved understands that they are in an open relationship. A person that is not aware of this can end up getting hurt in the long run because they will consider it cheating.


Safety is something that is very important with an open relationship. Whenever you are having sex with more than one person regularly condoms are even more important than usual. In addition to physical safety, emotional safety is also important. Make sure that you and your partner are aware of their other partners and that you know where you 2 stand in your relationship with each other. Sometimes an open relationship can lead to sharing partners with each other. This is something that is common but should be discussed first between partners before making any plans.

Alternative Lifestyle Dating

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Dating while you practice an alternative lifestyle can be difficult. It’s hard to explain to people what you are in to. There are ways to meet other singles that are in to the same thing as you, and there are plenty of places you can go enjoy yourself.

Dating Websites

Whether your alternative lifestyle includes swinging, bisexual activities, or BDSM, you can find websites that are devoted to these things. This is a good way to meet others who will be non-judgemental and open to your lifestyle. Many couples have met and gone on to lead full and fun lives. Many of these sites will specialize in just one form of dating, while others will include categories for many alternative dating styles. The best way to narrow it down is to find a site that allows you to browse for free, or offers a free or low cost membership.


Going out on a date while living an alternative lifestyle can also be challenging. Those who are gay may feel uncomfortable in a traditional club, while those who are in to BDSM may feel out of place going to a movie. A good option is to find a club that welcomes alt lifestyles and join. Many of these clubs will have group outings, allowing you to feel safer in a larger group. Others also have private parties where you can feel free to be yourself on a date. Some of these outings and parties may be free with your paid membership, and others will allow you to go as a guest for a fee without purchasing a lengthy membership.

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