The Importance of Internships

I played basketball during my high school years. When I was 16 I got the chance to spend the summer practicing with the first team, that played for the Slovene national championship. Even though I did not make the cut at the end of the summer I learned so much and played much better than the kids that did not have the chance to get an “internship” in the first team. Observing older players during their pre-practice rituals, getting their advice during practice and in pre-season games made it an incredible learning experience. I did not get a cent for spending half of my summer practicing hard, but made the cut for the first team a year later – mostly because of the pointers I got a year before.


While studying I spent some time with one of the best sport photographers in Slovenia. I had to wake up at 5:30am and often ended the days after 8pm. I did get paid, but I could have made much more if I’d be working on my own projects instead. But I did learn a lot, I got to play with professional equipment, I got to meet other great photographers at events and I got to see Zinedine Zidane up close.

We’ve recently had two interns at An interactive designer, passionate about changing communication and a pre-MBA student, looking for a better understanding on how a startup functions. They both did a great job while at and brought fresh ideas to the team.

I believe they also learned a ton. They were able to learn about the design and product process, they were able to see first hand how decisions are made and how slightly more experienced people tackle problems. They met many people form the local startup ecosystem. Last and not least, they will always be able to say that they were part of an ambitious, young company. I’m sure their future is bright.

Internships are important learning opportunities that are often undervalued. Make sure you help your luck and go through an internship experience.

p.s.: @yougo is compiling a list of people interested in interning at Slovene startups (in Slovene, but translates nicely)