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Rambo Movies

Decades later, Rambo lives! Which movie about America's favorite disgruntled Vietnam vet is your favorite?

rank title points votes your vote
1 First Blood
The movie that started it all. Law enforcement in the Pacific Northwest never knew what hit them when Rambo came to town.
1535 2031 6570
2 Rambo
Twenty years later, Rambo hasn't lost his edge. He's bigger, badder, and has more kills than ever, in the latest installment.
985 1725 6573
3 Rambo: First Blood Part II
Stallone ups the ante from First Blood, with more violence, more revenge, and more muscles.
930 1600 6571
4 Rambo III
If possible, John Rambo gets even tougher, fighting Soviet troops in Afghanistan.
554 1516 6572
245 content_list_item_683
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