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Sylvester Stallone's Best Eighties Movies

The eighties were as big as Stallone's monstrous muscles, and his best movies -- including Rocky III and First Blood -- are even bigger.

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1 First Blood
Often overshadowed by its more violent sequel, First Blood is actually one of the best movies to explore the trauma of returning Vietnam vets.
675 1027 7758
2 Rocky IV
Rocky fights a steroid-addled Russian for revenge -- in Russia, on Christmas, for free -- and ends communism.
388 952 7761
3 Rocky III
The third pic in the saga changes pace, deftly walking the line between Oscar-worthy drama and big-time eighties action. Mr. T co-stars!
383 935 7756
4 Rambo: First Blood Part II
Stallone sets a new standard for violence as his shell-shocked vet heads back to Vietnam to rescue POWs.
311 877 7757
5 Tango & Cash
Stallone is brilliantly cast against type as Tango -- a glasses-wearing business-formal police officer -- in one of the great buddy-cop movies.
89 805 7760
6 Cobra
Stallone's Cobra Cobretti wears black, chews matches, and will inflict millions of dollars in property damage if it means killing one criminal.
80 810 7759
7 Over the Top
One of the most eightes movies you'll ever find, Over the Top makes sure Sly's legendary biceps get as much screen time as any of his co-stars.
12 792 7763
8 Lock Up
Stallone tackled prison life in this truly underrated gem that pits him against a cruel warden played with zeal by Donald Sutherland.
-9 699 7762
9 Victory
The inspirational pic is a lost classic among sports movies and features a great cast, led by Stallone and Michael Caine.
-105 671 7764
10 Rhinestone
Sly can sing! The scene in which he awkwardly croons a tune called "Drinkenstein" secures the movie in the Stallone canon.
-438 686 7765
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