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Balkans 360 is a website collecting information about the Balkans and countries on the Balkans region, in a goal to become the ultimate travel and news guide to the Balkans.

On the Balkans peninsula are located the Southeast European countries Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Slovenia and Moldova.


Capitals of the Balkans countries are the cities Sofia, Athens, Ankara, Zagreb, Skopje, Tirana, Belgrade, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Bucharest, Ljubljana and Kishinev.

Articles on different topics like nature, people, geography, cities, resorts, tourism, sports, politics, history, economics, agriculture, hunt and fishing, water and rivers, weather and climate.

In this website will be featured information related to tourism about the museums, hotels, travel, real estate, time zones, weather forecast, road and geo maps, regional news and local events.

Balkans news agregator collects headlines from the biggest and the best Balkans news media agencies and internet portals to give you the most relevant look on the topic.

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