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APS Classroom Use Policy

There is no reprint, copyright fee, or permission required for the use of any APS article for any teaching, classroom, or educational activity, provided that no resale occurs.

High School Teachers

Access Current Directions in Psychological Science free of charge. The journal is a valuable tool both for its concise reviews of trends and as a classroom resource for teachers and students. Learn More

Research Publications for the Classroom

  • Current Directions in Psychological Science
  • Psychological Science in the Public Interest
  • Observer
    • Daily Observations
  • APS Blogs by Wray Herbert
    • We’re Only Human
    • Full Frontal Psychology

Online Resources for the Classroom

  • APS Wikipedia Initiative (APSWI)
  • Videos for the Classroom
  • Teaching Tips
  • Q&As With Psychological Scientists
  • Observer Xpress (eNewsletter)
  • Other Web Resources
  • Other Organizations for Teachers of Psychological Science

APS Teaching Fund

  • About the Teaching Fund
  • APS-David Myers Lecture on the Science and Craft of Teaching Psychological Science
  • Teaching Fund Grant Reports
  • Fund supported Roberta Klatzky on Haptic Perception – Part II (video)
  • Apply Now

Other Resources for Teachers

  • APS-STP Teaching Institute at the APS Annual Convention
  • Discount for STP Membership and Subscription
  • Books on the Teaching of Psychology
  • APS Support for NITOP
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