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Coded Cultures 2011
Coded Cultures: City as Interface
Coded Cultures is an multinational initiative of the group to discuss and reflect the intersections of media, art, society and technology in experimental settings of exihibitions, workshops, symposia, presentations and artistic interventions. For the fourth time, Coded Cultures presents a forum to discuss and present (new) media arts, digital communities and positions itself in the current international (media arts) discurse. Coded Cultures 2011: The City as Interface takes place from september 21st to october 2nd and is located around the second district (Leopoldstadt) in Vienna, Austria.

Cultural accomplishments of individuals or differently organized forms of human beings in context with an ever-changing (transforming) environment bring manifold products and processes to surface: cultural artifacts, »distributed agencies«, »framed interactivity« , collective ideas. The city as artistic playfield is used to present Coded Cultures 2011 in a dislocated way, presenting new media arts, media architecture, hacktivism and similar fields of expression with a strong focus on intermediation and discursivity. Through interactive and experimental forms of presentation, accompanied by classical forms of displaying new media arts (such as exhibitions and performances) the role of media arts, media artists and art festivals as such are to be discussed, presented and reflected upon.
Vom 21. September bis 2. Oktober 2011 wird in Wien das Festival CODED CULTURES von der Gruppe präsentiert. Das Leitungsteam von CODED CULTURES bestehend aus Georg Russegger, Matthias Tarasiewicz und Michal Wlodkowski operiert an den Schnittstellen von zeitgenössischer Kunst, Medien, neuen Technologien und deren Auswirkungen auf Gesellschaft und Kultur. Im Mittelpunkt stehen europäische Positionen einer aktuellen Kunstpraxis, die sich auf Medien und deren (Re-)Konfiguration zwischen urbanem und virtuellem Raum konzentriert.

(Neue)Medien- und Wissenskulturen aus Europa stehen im Mittelpunkt des diesjährigen Festivals CODED CULTURES: Konzentriert auf Bereiche, die zwischen Kunst, Wissenschaft, Kultur, Technologie und deren Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft angesiedelt sind, geht es um Medienkunst, Medientheorie, neue Kunst- und Kulturartefakte sowie Prozesse, die durch solche Kulturformen entstehen. Mit dem Untertitel "City as Interface" wird besonderes Augenmerk auf die Stadt als medienkulturelles Territorium und als Schnittstelle einer Vielzahl kultureller Kodierungen, Verbindungen und Abstraktionen gelegt. Interventionsprojekte im urbanen Raum bilden folglich einen wesentlichen Bestandteil des Festivals. Damit sollen Freiflächen für neue Praktiken und Organisationsmodelle künstlerisch-kreativer Ideen geschaffen werden.
Talk #1: TUE 27.9.2011
Armin Medosch »Technopolitics«
Talk #2: WED 28.9.2011
dérive »INCUBATE!«
Talk #3: THU 29.9.2011
Future Fluxus
»The Alternate Net We Need, And How We Can Build It Ourselves«
Talk #4: FRI 30.9.2011
Games Culture Circle
»Fuck the Magic Circle«
*TODAY* 19:00h, Urania Wien
Games Culture Circle

Games Culture Circle
Fuck the Magic Circle

spacer Moderated by Uke Bosse A MAZE. presents the Games Culture Circle: a forum and meeting place for artists, game designers, musicians, directors & players from the media and cultural landscape and discusses interdisciplinary topics of digital game culture in front of an open-minded audience. It is not our aim to produce academic jibber-jabber, but to create an authentic exchange of experiences, opinions and visions. The interplay between computer games and society is more important than previously assumed: games influence works of contemporary fine arts, cinema and music, and the behaviour of many people in everyday life.
Coded Cultures: City as Interface

Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface
experimental settings of exihibitions, workshops, symposia, presentations and artistic interventions.

21.09.2011 Opening
22.09.2011 Focus Day Donaukanal
23.09.2011 MQ Day, Party
24.09.2011 Focus Day 1020
27.09.2011 Talk: Technopolitics
28.09.2011 Talk: Incubate!
29.09.2011 Talk: Future Fluxus
30.09.2011 Talk: Games Culture Circle
01.10.2011 Lange Nacht der Museen


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