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RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #9 - 8:00am PST 2/13/13 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 14/2/13 [EU]
Wed, 13 Feb 2013 16:00:31 GMT - Posted by Amary
= Festival of Mariel-Taun =
* The Festival of Mariel-Taun approaches; a celebration of love in Telara!
* Telarans everywhere are being smitten by the Love Bug, a completely harmless disease resulting in such symptoms as 'butterflies in the tummy'.
* Those suffering from this joyful affliction are infectious, capable of transmitting the Love Bug to up to three additional Telarans.
* Just in time for the celebration, a new Dimension Item merchant has set up shop in Tempest Bay selling wedding-themed decor! This merchant is a permanent addition and its appearance - and items - are not limited to the duration of the Festival.

* You can remove the Love Bug effect from yourself by right-clicking the effect. While you have it, you cannot receive it again.
* After infecting 3 people with the Love Bug, you are immune to re-infection for an hour.
* The Love Bug will begin spreading among the playerbase sometime on Thursday, February 14th in local server time, initially by the use of mysterious love letters sent to a random selection of active characters. Check your in-game mail to see if you have a delivery!
* For Newsletter subscribers, also check your newsletters for a code to obtain a selection of the new Wedding-themed Dimension items!

* Zone Event: Ardent Domain: Feeding Frenzy: Both mini bosses and the final boss should now spawn properly. You should no longer see a state where only one mini boss appears and results in a stuck event. Also linked the map icon for protecting Isabella with the correct event objective.
From last week's multi-fixes:
* Raid warnings sent by characters you have on your ignore list are now actually ignored.

* [Last Week] Stealth should now be deactivated if the stealthed character is hit by a damaging Tactician Torrent.
* [Last Week] Tactician: Fixed a bug where the width of all Torrents was half of what they should be. They should now be 8 meters wide.

* Double Jeopardy: Should now... work.

* Inflame: Fixed this triggering additional proc effects like Salvation when it shouldn't.
* Fire Wall: Now tagged correctly as an AoE ability and not single target.

* Spasm: Can now only interrupt boss abilities that were meant to be interruptible. Will not be Blocked, Parried, or Dodged.

* Stonespear: Can now only interrupt boss abilities that were meant to be interruptible.
* Calliope's Riftblade Crystal: Fixed the 4-piece bonus effect increasing the damage of Storm Blade when it shouldn't.

* Ambient Engorgement: Fixed this not generating Pacts while you are in combat.
* Calliope's Void Knight Crystal: The effect triggered by the 4-piece bonus should now have the same duration as the Pacts. It will also not increase the damage dealt by procced effects like Storm Blade and Elemental Touch when it shouldn't. It will also no longer incorrectly boost damage of abilities like Riftblade's Storm Blade and Elemental Touch.


* Regulos: Glimpse the Abyss will cease while Regulos is channeling Death's Apotheosis... for real this time.
* Matriarch of Pestilence: Selected abilities have been adjusted based on the changes to healing Souls.

* Artifex Zaviel: Selected abilities have been adjusted based on the changes to healing Souls.

* Increased the amount of Valor provided by PvP set gear.
* Removed the additional PVP healing reductions on Chloromancer's Bloom, Essence Surge, Nature's Touch (Synthesis Target), and Void Life (Synthesis Target).
From last week's multi-fixes:
* Players who leave their raid in Conquest and then AFK are now kicked from the map after 10 seconds, similar to raid instances.
* Port Scion: Reduced the health and damage of many NPCs.

* Runecrafting: Storm Legion crafted bags now Runebreak into the proper materials.

* Eternal Crystallized Insight is no longer available for purchase from Lepatria Freetairn.
* Relic upgrade items no longer lose any stats when upgraded.
* Old-world notoriety vendor runes are now Bind to Account.
* Quicksilver Seal and Escapist's Ring now have appropriate Hit values.
* Shroud of Ghostly Whispers: Now has deflect instead of block.

RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #8 - 10:00am PST 2/7/13 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 8/2/13 [EU]
Thu, 07 Feb 2013 18:40:22 GMT - Posted by Elrar
RIFT 2.1 Hot FIx #8 - 2/7/13

*Attention Dwarves, the buffet is now open! Dwarven racial ability, Density, has been removed. Replaced with Dwarven Breakfast - Restores 8% health and mana per second over 13 seconds.

*Fixed a bug with some player procs healing for more than intended

*Guild leaders should now be able to properly upgrade their guild's Dimension

*PvP: Costume versions of Warlord Gear is now available from Mercenary Hudson in Tempest Bay

*Storm Legion Crafting & Carnage Quests: Now give more experience!


*Salvarola the Great: Salvarola's holovid now plays properly

*Like Moths to a Flame: Sorcerer's can now also be hit by the Shade Thresher in addition to the other undead in the area.

*Chain of Command Achievement: Fixed an issue where killing Unuarangecon in Pelledane counted as Diocletian.

RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #7 - 8:00am PST 2/6/13 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 7/2/13 [EU]
Wed, 06 Feb 2013 16:38:02 GMT - Posted by Elrar
Welcome to RIFT 2.1: Endless Eclipse!
RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #7 - 2/06/13

* Racial Abilities: Dwarven racial ability, Density, has been removed. Replaced with Dwarven Breakfast - Restores 8% health and mana per second over 13 seconds. (We're working on getting this enabled for existing Dwarves in North America)
* Fixed Swift Spotted Armored Valmera Collar as well as Spectral Horse so they now scale to your highest-speed mount.
* Continued pass to correct floating or inaccessible artifact locations.
* Continued updates to improve shard stability and performance.

* Swift Saddle Planar Attunements now function as expected!
* Safe Fall Planar Attunement abilities have been replaced with Planar Enhancement - increases Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Endurance by 2.


* Crucia: Unstable Coolant will now only freeze the target after the initial dispel portion has worn off.
* Crucia: Will no longer target those under the "Blessing of the Storm Queen" for Lightning Rod.
* Crucia: Corrected Pulse Stream so the damage effect matches that of the graphic.



* Blighted Greed - New Ability: Buffs your ally, causing damage taken by them to trigger the effects of your active Rage Blight or Grief Blight. Can only affect 1 ally at a time. Stacks with other Defiler Links and Blighted Greed. Cannot be cast while you have Links active.

* Fae Dispersion: Removed from the Greater Faerie Healer and Greater Faerie Seer. Now a Soul Tree root ability at 24 points. Acts as a toggle and is not affected by global cooldown. Reduces the Greater Faerie Seer's damage dealt by 40% but causes them to effect up to 5 targets. Reduces the Greater Faerie Healer's healing done by 40%, but causes them to hit up to 5 party or raid members.
* Spirit of Upheaval and Spirit of Asphodel are no longer on global cooldown, but will share a 1.5-second cooldown.

* Scourge and Vex can now stack with each other. Damage increased on both.
* Vex: Reduced mana cost.
* Nysyr's Rebuke: Damage reduced.
* Perseverance: With points spent in Determination, Perseverance now grants immunity to Knockback, Snare, Root, and Interrupt effects.
* Spiritual Scrutiny: Now a 1-hour buff. Reduced the armor and resistance penetration it grants to 20%. Now reduces the casting time of Bolt of Judgment by 1.5 seconds.
* Pursuit of Truth: Now affects the Defiler's Bond of Pain.
* Radical Coalescence: Now also increases damage by 10% for 15 seconds.

* Marked by the Light: No longer removed by logging out.

* Furious Assault: Now reduces single target damage by 5% and area effect damage by 15%.
* Cold Blooded: Now increases all damage by 3-6%.
* Lightning Hammer, Frozen Wrath: Now have a 30 meter range.
* Glacial Strike: Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.

* Prion's Warlock Crystal: Fixed the 2-piece bonus not being removed when Contaminate expired or was turned off. Likewise for the 4-piece bonus from the Gilded Warlock Crystal.
* Prion's Warlock Crystal: Fixed the 4-piece bonus not being removed if Warlock Armor was removed.

* Essence Conversion: Corrected this ability improperly consuming stacks of Healing Balance.
* Adjusted healing from Lifegiving and Lifebound Veil, due to a bug fix for some healing bonuses affecting Veil twice.

* Ignite: Increased duration of the damage over time effect to 16 seconds.
* Volcanic Eruption, Prismatic Volley: Increased damage.
* Synergize: No longer on global cooldown.
* Summon: Greater Air Elemental: Ranks 8 and 9 no longer claim that the summoned pet is capped to a max level of 27.

* Rending Slash: Damage increased. The debuff from Rending Slash now increases damage from the Mage by 3% per stack.

* Increased damage of abilities granted by Possession.
* Increased absorb values on Loyal Minion.
* Parasite: Increased the damage dealt by the spawned Parasitic Leech.
* Putrify: Can now proc off of any damage. Previously, this only procced from damaging abilities that applied Deathly Calling.
* Lich Form: Reduced the Charge consumption rate.

* Countdown: Reverted an earlier change - this can again be cast on enemies you already have Countdown active on. Can now stack up to two times.
* Fireball: Now has a base chance of 40% to proc Combust on enemies.
* Improved Combustion: Increases the chance for Fireball to proc Combust by 20-60%.
* Pyromancer's Aegis: Can now proc an additional Fireball once every 4 seconds, instead of every 5.
* Improved Flame Bolt: Now only increases Spell damage, and no longer affects melee attacks.
* Combust: Damage reduced.
* Flame Sigil, Extinguish, and Fusillade no longer consume Combust stacks. These three abilities now also share a 10 second cooldown.
* Flame Sigil: Reduced duration to 15 seconds. Flame Sigil now has a max stack size of 5.
* Fulminate: Now receives a 15% bonus for each stack of Combust on the target. Down from 25%.
* Backdraft: Will now proc Quick Thinking from the Dominator soul, if you have points spent in it.
* Procs from Pyromancer's Armor and Pyromancer's Aegis now also reduce the mana cost of Cinder Burst by 50%.

* Defile: Reduced rate of Charge consumption.
* Salvage Corruption, Deathly Pall: Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds.
* Consuming Agony - New Ability: Deals Death damage. Damage is increased by 20% for each of the caster's Death-based damage over time effects on the target. 4 second casting time, 10 second cooldown. 48-point root ability.
* Expanded Contagion: Now causes Radiate Death to spread Atrophy in addition to Life Leech and Necrosis.
* Void Barrage: Will now refresh DoT effects at the start of the channel. Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds.
* Fixed a case where Salvage Corruption and Deathly Pall could be used to apply Death's Door to a target with greater than 50% health.
* Void Decimation: Now increases the damage of Void Bolt and Void Barrage by 2-10% per Death DoT on the target.
* Warlock Armor: Now has a 20% chance to proc Shared Agony, making Consuming Agony instant-cast and reducing its mana cost by 50%.


* Poison Mastery: Now increases weapon damage and attack power of the Rogue's poison-coated weapons, and increases the chance to apply poison by 6-30% (up from 5-25%).
* Expose Weakness: Now increases Physical damage taken from the Rogue by up to the specified damage. No longer has a limit on the number of times this can occur. The increased Physical damage taken from the Rogue now scales even more with Attack Power.
* Serrated Blades and all weapon poisons can now critically hit.
* Physical Trauma: Increases the damage of your damage over time attacks by 10-20%, up from 5-10%.
* Puncture: The damage bonus from Physical Trauma now applies to the damage over time effect of Puncture.

* Contra Tempo: Increases the weapon damage and attack power contribution to the Rogue's offhand attacks by 7-35%, up from 5-25%.
* Twin Strike, Compound Attack: AoE radius increased to 7 meters, up from 5.

* Static Shock Munitions: Now increases damage dealt by 15%, up from 6%.
* Silver Tip Munitions: Increases damage taken from the Rogue by 5% per stack, up from 3%.
* Electrified Munitions, Static Shock Munitions: Can now critically hit.

* Ignited Weapons and all weapon enchantments can now critically hit.
* Ignited Weapons: Now causes the target to burn for 100-200% of your weapon damage over 4 seconds, up from 50-100%. Fixed a bug where damage was not being properly computed.
* Ebon Blades: Increases damage taken from the Rogue by 5% per stack, up from 3%.
* Weapon Flare, Fiery Chains: AoE radius increased to 7 meters, up from 5.
* Enkindle: Now increases the damage of Fiery Spike by 15-30%, up from 10-20%.
* Smoldering Blades: Fixed a bug where consuming 5 stacks of the Smoldering Blades effect was triggering the damage effect from the Warlock's Neddra's Torture.

* Twin Shot: Damage increased.
* Concussive Blast: Now affects up to 5 targets, up from 3.
* Ace Shot: The debuff now causes the player's pet to deal 40% more damage to the target, up from 25%.


* Loyalty: Now heals the Warrior for the correct amount.
* Ties that Bind: Also reduces the cost of Beastmaster abilities by 2-6%.

* Intense Training: Now increases the effect of Juggernaut’s Bearing to 1.3/1.6/2%, down from 2/3/4%.
* Juggernaut’s Bearing: Now reduces damage taken and increases damage dealt by 1% for each nearby enemy for 10s after using an Area of Effect attack. Now stacks up to 5 times.
* Deadly Strikes: All Physical attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target's armor.
* Berserker: On a successful hit, the Warrior has a 20% chance to increase Strength by 5-25% for 15 seconds, down from 7-35%.
* Savage Sweep: The bleed effect from Savage Sweep now ignores armor.
* Chains of Death: Damage increased. Can now critically hit.
* Thunderous Strike: Affected enemies now take 10-30% more AoE damage from the Warrior, up from 5-25%.
* Dominating Bearing: Now also increases damage dealt by 10%.
* Chains of Life: Corrected typo on tooltip.
* Bull Rush: Corrected the tooltip which wrongly stated that Bull Rush could not be used in combat. It can.

* Brutal Response: Also reduces the cost of attacks that must follow a Block by 50%.
* Balance of Power: Damage dealt now scales correctly with your Endurance.

* Weapon Familiarity: Now increases your attack power and weapon damage by 2-10%, up from 1-5%. Now stacks with Amped.
* Combat Precision: All non-Physical attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target's Armor.
* Open the Stream: Damage of the bleed effect has been increased.
* Analyze Weakness: Swift Strike, Reaping Harvest, Setting Moon, and Flurry now ignore 10-20% of the target's Armor, up from 7-15%.
* Precise Strikes: Increases damage of Swift Strike, Reaping Harvest, Setting Moon, and Flurry by 10-20%, up from 7-15%.
* Devoted Training: Now increases Strength by 2-10%, lowered from 3-15%.
* Flowing Strikes: Now lasts for 15 seconds, up from 6.
* Improved Flowing Strikes: Functionality changed. Now increases damage by 3-6% when Flowing Strikes is triggered.
* Strike Like Iron: Now increases damage dealt by 7-21% for 20 seconds based on the number of Attack Points consumed. Duration increased to 20 seconds.
* Sweeping Blades: Duration increased to 15 seconds.
* Shifting Blades: No longer tagged as a Spell type ability. Now causes only single target direct damage attacks to deal bonus damage. No longer works for damage over time attacks.
* Death Touch: Fixed the damage effect from Death Touch not being stackable by multiple Paragons.
* Deadly Parity: Fixed a bug where Deadly Parity is incorrectly including weapon damage in the final damage calculation.

* Soul Feast: Now heals for a minimum of 1 health.
* Soul Sickness, Blood Fever, Necrotic Wounds, & Flesh Rot: Now tagged correctly as single target abilities, not Area of Effect. This includes when you are under the effects of "Plague Bringer". Due to this, they will no longer benefit from any bonuses to Area of Effect attacks.

* Surging Energy: Grants a 15-30% chance that the power cost of your next builder is reduced by 25% on a successful hit, up from a 10-25% chance.
* Scald: Fixed a bug where Scald was being boosted more than expected from damage buffs. After using Icy Burst on targets affected by Fiery Burst, Scald deals damage based on 10-60% of attack power - down from 15-90%
* Burst Capacitor: Fixed Burst Capacitor increasing the damage of all Warrior abilities, instead of only Bursts and Scald. Now increases damage of Bursts and Scald by 8-40%, up from 4-20%.
* Enhanced Burst: Now increases the damage of all non-Physical attacks.
* Elemental Caress: Also increases all damage by 2-4%.
* Fiery Burst: Fixed a bug where Fiery Boost was being boosted more than expected from damage buffs. Base damage increased and cost reduced. No longer tagged as a Spell ability.
* Burst Synergy: Now increases the damage of the next 3 Burst abilities by 40%, up from 25%. Buff now lasts up to 30 seconds.
* Elemental Touch: Now deals an additional 15% of your attack power as Air damage. Can now critically hit.
* Intensify: Now also increases Critical Hit Chance by 2-6%.
* Blade of the Ascended: Now also increases all damage by 30%.
* All Burst finishers have had their cost and damage reduced. They are no longer on global cooldown by default.
* Frost Strike: Damage has been increased. Now also causes the target to take 10% more damage from your elemental strikes, up from 3%.
* Rift Strike: Damage increased, duration now 20 seconds.
* Rift Implosion: Damage increased. Fixed a bug where Rift Implosion would not enjoy the benefits of bonuses to Builders, like Surging Energy.
* Avatar of Flame: Fixed a bug causing Avatar of Flame to not deal the correct amount of damage.
* Elemental Precision: All non-Physical attacks now ignore 2-10% of the target's Resist.
* Stonespear: Functionality changed - now an interrupt with an 8 second cooldown.
* Rift Barrage: Fixed Rift Barrage benefiting from the effect of Fork when it shouldn't.
* Quick Burst: Functionality changed. Increases Attack Power and Weapon Damage contribution to Burst attacks by 40%. Power cost of Burst attacks reduced by 40%.
* Synergy: Also increases the damage of all Finishers by 5%.
* Flame Spear: Damage reduced.
* Storm Blade: Can now critically hit.
* Rift Familiarity: Increases Elemental damage by 5-10%, up from 3-6%.
* All Riftblade Spear abilities are now tagged as single-target attacks and not AoE. As such, they won't gain bonuses to general AoE attacks.

* Amped: Now increases your attack power and weapon damage by 2-10%, up from 1-5%. Now stacks with Weapon Familiarity.
* Enhanced Power: Now increases the damage of all non-Physical attacks by 2-10%.
* Increased Voltage: Also increases Critical Hit Chance by 2-6%.
* Empower: Now increases the damage of all ranged attacks by 5%.
* Oscillation: Fixed Oscillation only benefiting ranged builders instead of all builders.
* Discharged Defenses: Fixed a bug where hitting with Skyfall causes the Warrior's attacks to bypass 5-10% of the target's Armor and Resist, instead of 3-6%.
* Ionized Discharge: Now also increases the damage of Blasts and Chain Pulse by 2-10%.
* Cyclonic Fury: Functionality changed. Now increases attack power and weapon damage contribution to ranged attacks by 3-9%.
* Magnified Charge: No longer increases the damage bonus on Electricity Cascade. Now properly increases the amount Jolt heals.
* Electricity Cascade: No longer causes the target to take more damage from the Warrior. Instead, increases the Warrior's damage by 5% per attack point used.
* Charged Pulse: Damage increased.
* Lightning Torrent: Now has a chance to trigger Storm Blade or any other procs on each interval. Damage reduced.
* Evasive Redirection: Corrected a tooltip bug to indicate that Evasive Redirection will last up to 12 seconds, regardless of the number of Attack Points used.
* Bioelectric Enhancement: Now increases Strength by 2-10%, down from 3-15%.
* Grounded: Functionality changed. Now deals additional 2-6% damage with ranged attacks while standing still, and increases the damage of all Tempest abilities by 2-6%.
* Stormbringer: Damage increase to Charged Pulse, Lightning Torrent, Storm Torrent, and Electricity Cascade changed to 5-15%.
* Double Pulse: Damage reduced.
* Polarization: Now increases the bonus on Enhanced Conductivity by 3-6%, down from 4-8%.
* Safe Fall: Replaced with Elude. Elude causes the Warrior to jump backwards 20 meters and removes all crowd control effects. 60 second cooldown.
* Distracting Pulse: Should now be blocked by buffs and abilities that prevent interrupts.

* Energy Retention: Fixed the duration bonus being greater than specified on Accord of Resilience, Accord of Shifting, and Accord of the Rift.

* Tactical Surge: Now lasts for 10-30 seconds, depending on Attack Points used. Increased from 5-25 seconds.
* King of the Hill: No longer knocks back the target.
* Ready Posture: Removed 20% reduction to damage dealt.
* Offensive Surge: Functionality changed. Now increases the duration of your Surges by 33-100%.
* Everything is a Weapon: Now increases attack power and weapon contribution by 25%, down from 30%.
* Arterial Strike: Fixed a bug with this granting an Attack Point when it shouldn't.


* Calliope's Beastmaster Crystal: The debuff from the 4 piece bonus is now triggered after using Messy Wounds.
* Calliope's Champion Crystal: The 2-piece bonus is now properly activated after using an area of effect damage attack, and not for all area of effect abilities. Will no longer increase the damage dealt by Coda of Jeopardy, Spotter's Call, and Illuminate.
* Calliope's Paragon Crystal: Now causes the target to take additional damage only from the Paragon and not all attackers.
* Calliope's Riftblade Crystal: Fixed the debuff from the 4-piece bonus not being stackable by different players. No longer increases the damage taken from Coda of Jeopardy, Spotter's Call, or Illuminate.
* Calliope’s Void Knight Crystal: The damage buff acquired from the 4 piece bonus should now be displayed when triggered.
* Calliope's Warlord Crystal: 2 piece bonus: Functionality changed - using a Warlord builder increases Strength by 120 for 30 seconds.

* Endurance Serum: Fixed a bug where the first tier Endurance Serum is giving 50 Endurance instead of 5 Endurance.

* Empyreal Hero’s Fortified Shield: Fixed a bug where the absorption shield triggered from this item is not absorbing damage.
* Shield of Static Wind: Now works properly.
* Some "Empowered" raid items have had their stats properly aligned with their pre-upgrade versions.
* Empyreal COnquereror's Fortified Dagger: Has been appropriately shortened to certified "Dagger" length. Its dreams of being a sword, are no more.


* Majeric Tower: Razormaw should no longer be above water.
* The Thirst Quencher: Added more Scouts.
* Daily Quest - Dust Devils: You are now able to use the Cyclonic Devolver on the “Kill the Revealed Djinali” objective.

* Lecu the Claw will now fight back!
* Quest - Jagged Fringe: Varu Etching has returned!

* Mercenary and Freelancer Essences now have a Unique-Family line on their tooltip - the functionality didn't change, but this should clear up why they couldn't be stacked.
*Conquest: Reduced the AFK timer down to 2 Minutes

RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #6 - 7:00am PST 1/30/13 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 31/1/13 [EU]
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 15:00:47 GMT - Posted by Amary
* Swift mounts (110% speed) and higher now all scale to your fastest purchased mount's speed. [Currently the Swift Spotted Valmera is not scaling like it should after this change.]
* The Specialty Crafting Goods vendors in Sanctum and Meridian now sell lower-tier planar dusts in exchange for the next higher tier dust.
* All Feasts now persist through death - whether you respawn, resurrect, or Soul Walk.
* Warrior PvP PA: Thunderous Leap can no longer be used in instances other than Conquest/Warfronts - such as Dungeons, Raids, Weddings, etc.
* Corrected some unreachable Artifacts and some sneaky typos!
* Fixed a bug where characters who temporarily had Storm Legion access (on a trial basis) would lose the Prestige they had gained at the end of the trial period.

* Teleporting to a Dimension from an active Warfront now applies the Ascended Disgrace debuff.
* Personal Mailboxes can no longer be summoned in Warfronts.
* Conquest: Conquest Marks are now granted to all participants for every 100 kills that occur during a match.

* Instant Adventures for 'Complete Zone Event' will now only trigger for IA groups of 3+ players.
* Fixed the Instant Adventure ready window disappearing immediately when queuing for IA with a group.
* Completing the Chronicle 'A Hero Rises' now properly grants Eternal City Survivors notoriety.

* Daily: The Thirst Quencher: Added some new spawns and moved some scouts out of rocks. Lowered scout respawn time.
* Daily: Snake Charmer: Increased spawn rate of snakes, reduced their wandering distance, and moved some further away from the rocks.

* Goloch: Slightly increased the casting time of Baleful Smash.

* Reduced the number of Stormborn Talons to 1 in each pack prior to Crucia.
* Crucia:
- Reduced the health of all constructs in phase 1 by 30%.
- Reduced the number of shields on all constructs to 5 (from 10).
- Decreased the cooldown of Dissipation Blast to 10 seconds, down from 20.
- Players are no longer stunned when Crucia goes airborne at 60%.
- Reduced the number of Wind Lash phases from 3 to 1.
- The projectile that creates Storm Cannons travels much faster now, removing a situation where there are no cannons to negate Exploding Tempest.
- Dying on the second platform no longer creates Scattered Storms.

* Fishing: Fishing just got more dangerous for characters more than 20 levels below the level of the zone they're fishing in - Fisherbot is on patrol!
* Fishing: Improved the cash payout for completing Fishing Derbies. Additionally, level 50+ characters now get both Planar Attunement experience and Uncle Stan's Tacklebox as rewards.

* The Screaming Blade now has Deflect rather than Attack Power.
* Dimensions: The Round Flesh Rug dimension item is now scale-able.

RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #5 - 8:00am PST 1/23/13 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 24/1/13 [EU]
Wed, 23 Jan 2013 16:02:22 GMT - Posted by Amary
* All Spell and Melee Critical Hit Chance items have received an upgrade.
* Adjusted the Onslaught area damage effect so it has a smaller radius, ticks more slowly, and has longer gaps between them appearing.

* When in an Instant Adventure group, joining a Conquest queue will only add you and not your entire group.
* If you have queued for Conquest solo, and join a group before the queue pops, the invite will go only to you and not the entire group.
* When a Conquest group invite occurs, only people who have selected a Conquest faction will receive an invite.
* Corrected Conquest 'Join' buttons so that team preference is properly accounted for.

* PvP: Silence is now affected by diminishing returns in PvP, and displays immunity status on
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