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Checked baggage

Checked baggage (carried in the hold)

When traveling with SAS, you are always allowed to bring at least one piece of checked baggage for free. The number of bags and maximum weight allowed depends on the ticket type. Please consult the following table for information on the number of bags that you are allowed to check in free of charge on flights operated by SAS to and from all destinations:

Domestic/Europe/Asia/USA Piece allowance Maximum dimension/piece(length+width+height)
Economy 1 baggage x 23 kg/50 lbs 158 cm/62"
Economy Extra

2 baggage x 23 kg/50 lbs

158 cm/62"
Flex/Full Flex/Business 2 baggage x 32 kg/70 lbs 158 cm/62"


Other baggage rules may apply on flights operated by airlines other than SAS and Widerøe. Please check with the respective airlines before departure.

Weight regulations
If the total weight or dimension of your baggage exceeds the baggage allowance and/or you travel with special baggage such as sporting equipment, please mention your baggage requirements in advance while making your reservation.
For safety reasons, each piece of your baggage must not weigh more than 32 kg/70 lbs. If your piece of baggage weighs more than 32 kg/70 lbs, we may ask you to repack the baggage or send it as cargo.

spacer  Information about excess baggage charges

Travel with one of our partner airlines (codeshares)
The baggage rules apply to SAS-operated flights. If you are travelling with one of our partner airlines on a so-called codeshare flight, the operating airline's baggage rules may apply. Please check with the respective airlines before departure.

Travel with connections
If you are continuing with another SAS flight or Widerøe, the same baggage rules apply for the entire trip.
If you continue with another airline, other rules may apply. The IATA airlines (of which SAS is one) have agreed on a common policy - IATA Resolution 302. This resolution regulates which airline's baggage rules apply when you travel with two or more airlines on the same itinerary. The reason for this resolution is to make it easier for you as a customer to know how much checked baggage you can check in when you travel. Your ticket and travel documents state what applies for your specific journey.
Note: Not all airlines have implemented IATA Resolution 302. Please check with the airlines you plan to travel with before you start your trip. spacer  Read more details here

Customs clearance of baggage in Scandinavia:

  • Norway: Customs clearance always takes place at the first point of arrival in Norway even if your checked baggage is marked to a final domestic destination.
  • Denmark: Customs clearance takes place at the final destination in Denmark.
  • Sweden:

  • • If you arrive at Arlanda on an international SAS flight and your baggage tag shows that you are will travel onwards on a domestic flight with SAS or Höga Kusten Flyg, customs clearance takes place at your final destination (with the exception of Hagfors, Kramfors/Sollefteå, Oskarshamn and Torsby). Note: If you have goods to declare, you must declare them at the first airport you arrive at in Sweden.
    • Gothenburg: If you arrive in Gothenburg on an international SAS or Widerøe flight, you should always clear your baggage through customs in Gothenburg even if your luggage tag indicates that you are travelling onwards on a domestic flight.

Baggage for youth, students, children and infants
Youth, students and children have the same baggage allowance as adults as listed above. Infants under 2 years of age are entitled to one piece of checked baggage up to 23 kg/50 lbs in weight with a maximum dimension of 115 cm/45" and one collapsible stroller regardless of booking class. Please keep in mind that you cannot bring any cabin baggage for an infant under 2 years of age.

More baggage for EuroBonus members
As a EuroBonus Gold or Silver member, you can check in an additional piece of baggage free of charge. The allowable weight of this extra piece depends on the ticket type you are traveling on.

Baggage drop
If you use a self-service device to check in, you can leave your baggage at the baggage drop counter. The staff at the counter will ensure that the baggage tags match your ticket and ID.

Special considerations
Consider what you pack in your checked baggage - and how you pack it. For example, checked musical instruments should be packed in a hard case. If you pack anything sharp, make sure that it cannot penetrate the container to avoid causing injury to yourself or airport staff or damage to other baggage. Fragile and valuable items should be transported in carry-on baggage because we do not compensate for damages if they occur. Remember that your hand baggage must have a maximum dimension of 55x40x23 cm and 8 kg in weight.
spacer  Read more about Conditions of Carriage

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