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  • Illegal use of B&Bs to house homeless soars by 800%

    Third of councils have unlawfully housed families in B&Bs for more than six weeks since government took office
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    David Cameron: 'not nearly enough' women MPs

    Prime minister visits Mumbai and says the Tories, judiciary and British business must do more to get women into senior posts
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    Lib Dems consider extending mansion 'super tax' to second homes

    Vince Cable dismisses so-called jewellery tax as 'wacky', but says party will also consider backing Labour's mansion tax plans
  • Nick Clegg warns UK economy cannot be propped up by Square Mile alone

  • David Cameron reveals his fitness secrets - video

  • David Cameron and One Direction – caption competition

  • Politics live: readers' edition - Monday 18 February

  • David Cameron reveals how he keeps fit and fresh as PM

  • Tory Eastleigh candidate angers doctors with state school comment

  • Britain to relax visa rules for Indian investors, signals PM

  • David Cameron's India trade delegation: who's in it

  • Green party reaches 40th birthday

  • Union supports Tory plan to bolster IPCC

  • Tory Twitter 'lemmings' backfire with Eastleigh byelection message

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