Split Mansfield, MA Board Votes To Euthanize Milo, Family Will Appeal

Posted on 02/28/2013


PROGRAMMING NOTE: We’ll be talking to a reporter on this case and one of the Selectmen in the noon hour of today’s radio show

The right decision in this sad case is obvious–Milo needs to go to Doggy Heaven–and the Mansfield Board of Selectmen came to the right conclusion.



Mansfield selectmen voted 3-2 with George Dentino and Doug Annino against euthanizing Milo, the dog, Wednesday. The decision came after a hearing between both the victim’s family and the Bailey family.

The dog reportedly attacked six-year-old Christian Hebert on Jan. 3, while at the house of the dog’s owner Michael Bailey. Hebert sustained severe injuries to his face, ear area and thigh. 

The Baileys said after the decision was reached, they would try to appeal the ruling in court.

In the past, judges have overruled these decisions and ordered some other solution, like sending the dog out of state to bite other people get additional training.

This dog doesn’t need behavioral training, he needs to go bye-bye.

The board heard statements from both sides, as well as Mansfield animal control officers Jeffrey Collins and Steve Simmons.

Collins said, while he met the dog only once, Milo seemed to be calm and docile in front of a stranger, but the severity and depth of the bites, based on his experience and the Dunbar system, were excessive.

“I have several dozen cases of various people that have been bitten ranging from a minor bite in the hand to a young lady who was knocked by two dogs who worked as a pack ravaging her shoulder and head,” he said. “This bite is excessive.”

Collins recommended the dog be euthanized after determining the dog’s aggressiveness and danger using the Ian Dunbar scale of the bites, which determines the animal’s intentions by examining the number, degree and depth of the dog’s bite.

The kid got 400 stitches. The family has admitted the dog has bitten people in the past. What kind of dope votes to keep this dog around to endanger more people?

Dentino said because the actual incident wasn’t witnessed and therefore no evidence of provocation (or lack thereof) could be established, the dog should be able to be retrained and restrained rather than euthanized.

“We live in a society that gives second chances, and I think this dog deserves a second chance,” he said.

Hey, Selectman Dentino–it’s a DOG.  What, you think he’s going to reform, change his ways, maybe find religion or start working to help turn around other dogs with violence problems? Milo can’t make any  of those decisions…because he CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS.

He’s a DOG.

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