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This Wicked Tongue are a female fronted 4-piece from Worcester - celebrating their 1st year as a band in 2012, they just LOVE rocking up and rocking out, and so do their audiences....

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"Go listen to these guys, they're f*****g good"

Andy Leddington, Andar's Corner dot com about the EP Provinces (July 4, 2012)

"I am just speechless listening to this cd - utterly infectious and a must buy"

- Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music dot com about the EP "Provinces" (July 2, 2012)

"Incredible.... stunning from start to finish"

- Dave Nicholls, Loud-Stuff dot com abut the EP "Provinces" (Jun 28, 2012)

"This is my track of the week"

- Aaron Phillips, Amazing Radio, about the track "If This Is Me"  from the forthcoming EP "Provinces". (Jun 10, 2012)

"Absolutely fantastic"

- Si the Mackem, Longside Radio (Jun 7, 2012)

“Completely stole the show.... each track is awash with melodic riffery, gripping hooks and catchy, contemporary choruses."

- Callum Taylor, Weekly RoadRunner Records SMT UK Newsletter (May 21, 2012)

“Punky, groove laden… a release the band should be immensely proud of”

- Kevin Ashburn, (Mar 10, 2012)

"Awesome... you need to go see this band"

- Sean Heather, Rogue Tomato (Mar 3, 2012)


- Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Introducing (Feb 06, 2012

"Great female vocals.... superbly catchy songs"

- (May 3, 2012)

"Tight and precisely delivered fist of steel in melodic velvet glove."

- Mudkiss (Jan 31, 2012)


- Stamford Cakery Blog (Jan 29, 2012)

"Up next were This Wicked Tongue, who, quite simply, blew me away"

- (Jan 23, 2012)

"Very impressive indeed"

- Metal Discovery (Dec 1, 2012)

"Impressive ... worth getting excited about"

- Room Thirteen (Nov 17, 2012)

"You WILL want to see this band"

- Gavin Griffiths, New Music Magazine (Oct 30, 2011)

"Pure genius"

- Kelly McGill, Music Review Unsigned (Oct 30, 2011)

"really, really good - great riffs, great bass and I just love those vocals" 

- Presley and D'lear, Sanctuary Exposed podcast (about 7 mins in) (Sep 24, 2011) 

"sexy, raunchy, proper headbanging, and the audience are revved up.... a triumphant success." 

- Lisa Nash, Midlands Rocks website (Sep 24, 2011) 

"I just love that girl's voice" 

- Andrew Marston, BBC H&W Introducing radio show (Nov 26, 2010

"This Wicked Tongue have taken the moulds of radio rock and female-fronted stuff and smashed them to bits with lots of attitude, infectious groove and tasty instrumentation. " 

- Callum Taylor, RoadRunner records weekly UK Showcase (Sep 23, 2011) 

"I definitely hear a recognizable sound, something different from what’s out there already. You guys know how to write, perform and produce hard rockin’ songs with a sound of your own. You all rock!” 

- Leslie Bialik, music journalist, Road Runner Records A&R site (Sep 21, 2011)

 "22" is a real ripper all around. That guitar riff is sizzling and the vocals are really something different for instrumentals that sound like this. I've already listened to it twice

- Jeremy Rosen, VP RoadRunner Records, RoadRunner Records A&R site (Sep 21, 2011) 

"Loving them" 

- Carl Hutchinson, Spark FM (Sunderland) Radio, Unsigned Show (Sep 15, 2011) 

"a massive sound, tailored for the live environment.... monumental " 

- Jack Arkell, Midlands Rocks (Sep 14, 2011

"...just need the right person to hear their stuff before they’re whisked off to rock stardom..... it won’t be long until THIS WICKED TONGUE will be known far and wide.... a great band" 

Sean Heather, Rogue Tomato (Sep 08, 2011) 

"get ready for a thrilling ride – 9/10" 

- Daniel Thomas, Indie Music News (Aug 28, 2011

"sit well on an enormous stage.... with a self-assurance and style that would be impressive at a stadium gig." 

Ralph Titley, SLAP magazine (Aug 01, 2011) 

"The quite brilliant This Wicked Tongue – we’re loving it!" 

- Kelvin Harris, Carpe Music Reviews (Jul 26, 2011

"Brilliant – I could listen to this band all night" 

- Sarah Harris, presenter, Longside Radio(Jul 20, 2011) 

"Fantastic band – original, inventive and talented" 

Ralph Titley, SLAP magazine (Jul 01, 2011

"Distorted guitars, searing melodies, powerhouse vocals, I just love this band. They’re called This Wicked Tongue" 

- Aaron Phillips, presenter, Amazing Radio(Jun 04, 2011

"An absolute treat.... exciting and talented"

-  Ben Cullimore, Joyzine live review (Apr 30, 2011)

"This band is dragging rock music into the 21st century by its short and curlies" 

- Dave "Ravenheart" Smith, Ravenheart (Apr 21, 2011) 

"If you like sexy, powerful female fronted rock bands, then totally get all over this band." 

- Juanita McGowen, Electric Banana (Apr 16, 2011) 


- Sarah Isis of Anubis, European Klassic Rock (EKR)(Apr 06, 2011)  

"sublime female vocals - epic, gargantuan rock" 

- Aaron Philips, presenter, Amazing Radio (Apr 02, 2011) 

"an amazing, amazing sensation" 

- Andrew Marston, presenter, BBC H&W Introducing Radio (Mar 25, 2011) 

"A dirty, sleazy but beautiful listen – 9/10" 

- Ross K, Rockpulse (Mar 05, 2011

"heavy riffs and smooth female vocals" 

- Beatlebabe, Midlands Music Maniacs (Feb 22, 2011

"could break the necks of many rockers, because I can see a lot of heads banging!" 

- Charlotte Whittingham, Tuomaslotte's Music Journal (Feb 01, 2011

"they have ‘superstar’ written through them like a stick of rock... genuine superstars in the making" 

- Andy O'Hare, reviewer, BBC H&W Introducing Radio(Jan 14, 2011

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