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Audition Tips

Every actor needs two things: the knowledge of acting and auditions. Auditions are your chance to try out for a role. Auditions are similar to a job interview. Like job searching, and you need many auditions before you land a role. An audition is your chance to showcase your ability to act and get hired to play a role.

Once you land an audition, you need to be prepared. This is true for movie auditions, television auditions as well as theater acting auditions. Have a current head shot and resume ready. Make sure your resume is attached to the back of the headshot. Have a monologue prepared just in case you are asked. Get a good night's sleep the night before. On all your auditions, you want to appear rested and calm. Arrive to your audition early. Sign in with the casting director and take a seat.

Auditions require mental and physical preparation. Take time to get into character while you are waiting to be called. Make sure you review your sides. “Sides” are small section of a script in which you will use for your audition. Learn about your character. Ask yourself questions such as who is he/she and where does he/she come from. Make your notes in pencil on the side sheets. Bring these into the audition with you.

Wear clothing that fits the role you are auditioning for. Your goal for auditions is to do your best. Keep your focus while waiting to be called. Do not talk to your competitors. Do your warm ups such as stretching and vocal exercises.

When you are reading for the casting director stay relaxed and open. Make a strong first impression. He or she may ask you to improv. Be ready for anything. Approach auditions like they are a production. You want the casting director to see you are professional and prepared. You want him or her to see and believe you are the character you are trying out for. The casting director is looking for the best person for the role. So give them your best performance.

When you are finished with your auditions, thank the casting directors. Do not stay and chat. Do not shake hands because the casting directors are meeting so many people, they would rather be safe and not attract germs. The casting directors will let you know when they will get back in touch with you. Leave politely and professionally.

Here are a few tips for callbacks and further auditions. If you are called back for second or third audition, wear the same clothes as your first audition. This allows you to make it easy for casting directors to remember you. Do not change your approach towards character. What you did on the first audition was on track and pleasing to the casting director. That is why you got a call back. So do not change what is working for you.

When you get home, make notes of what went well and what did not work. Review these notes before going on more auditions. If you do not get called back or the role, do not fret. Rejection is part of the process. It’s a numbers game. The more auditions you go on, the more chances you have for success in landing a role. A “no” is a necessary step towards receiving a “yes”. So keep auditioning and stay positive.

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