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Dragon Tongue Bush Bean


35 Review(s) | Add Your Review

This famous Dutch heirloom bean has an incomparable flavor. The tender and superbly delicious 7-inch pods are yellow, with amazing purple streaks! Also makes a tasty shelled bean. Popular with chefs and gourmets. Compact plants set high yields.

Contains 40-60 heirloom seeds

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  • Customer Reviews

Good Beans Review by Desert Rat

Overall Rating


This was my first time planting these, planted them in mid August with temps around 105 deg. in the Phoenix area where I garden and they stood up to the heat extremely well, no problem with pests and they started blooming in 6 weeks and produced well. I wish I had planted more instead of my trial planting as they are beautiful tasty beans, large and broad with a great beany flavor and completely stringless. They are still blooming and the short compact plants are still healthy here the end of Nov. I have and will recommend them to others and will be planting much more in the spring..

(Posted on 11/30/09)


Impressive yields Review by Angus

Overall Rating


Planted these beans in the Ozarks, some in raised beds, some in traditional garden rows. These beans did well using both methods. Heavy, consistent yields. We ate these beans most of the late summer, and canned numerous quarts of them as well. They are almost as tasty canned as they are fresh. Great flavor, tender, not stringy. I highly recommend them..

(Posted on 12/16/09)


Amazing flavor Review by Unknown

Overall Rating


I grew two types of beans, Rattlesnake pole and this one. While Rattlesnake out produced Dragon Tongue, the flavor of this one was truly "incomparable". This one earned its space in my garden!.

(Posted on 12/16/09)


Amazingly delicious! Review by Unknown

Overall Rating


These beans were so tasty and tender, no matter how big they were when I got around to picking them. If I only planted one kind of bean, this would definitely be it!.

(Posted on 2/9/10)


good beans! Review by fidget farm

Overall Rating


These are doing well in my raised beds. Good flavor. Will be planting these again..

(Posted on 8/10/10)


delicious, gorgeous beans Review by babacapra

Overall Rating


These were so productive and beautiful! The plants were healthy, and we could let the sweet, delicious beans get quite old before they started getting tough. I'm definitely growing them again..

(Posted on 1/3/10)


Great Bush Snap Review by Ft2Judy

Overall Rating


I would highly recommend this variety - it's easy to grow, does very well in my raised beds too. The taste is great and the pods are stringless. Highly productive for a bush snap in my garden. I plant this variety every year..

(Posted on 1/8/10)


Beautiful and delicious. Review by Unknown

Overall Rating


These beans are gorgeous, first of all. The flavor was really beany in the most pleasant way. The plants produced heavily and over a fairly long period for bush beans. You can get even more yield for your buck by letting the beans grow very long -they do not get stringy or tough or bitter. One caveat: they lose most of their gorgeous coloring in cooking.
Still, these are the only beans I will be planting next year (don't have much room)..

(Posted on 9/6/10)


My first beans Review by 'materluver

Overall Rating


As a new gardener 2 years ago these were my first experience with beans. Grow these if you have a "black thumb" like me. Dragon's Tongue seemed to thrive on neglect! Even this year I was literally picking beans everyday.
I like their squat, small stature in the garden. Nice for raised beds or in small spaces.
These have and earthy, mild taste. I now prefer these over green beans.
Dragon's Tongue will be a staple in my humble garden every year..

(Posted on 11/4/10)



Overall Rating


The very best selling and tasting bean at the farmers market. Does well in short seasons and high altitude (6,000 ft). People would come to our stand first to buy these beans for their superb flavor. Very tender bean. Does not freeze well due to its tenderness. Seeds are very light purple with dark purple streaks and blotches..

(Posted on 12/12/10)


Kids love 'em! Review by Garden Mama

Overall Rating


I grew these in raised beds and had great yields! They had wonderful flavor and my kids loved eating them. (Thanks in part to the name.) .

(Posted on 1/5/11)


Delicious! Review by Byrd30

Overall Rating


This bean is beautiful and delicious. My toddler was delighted by the colors and the flavor, which made dinner-time vegetables a breeze. Dragon Tongue out performed others we planted. Pregnant and sick, my garden was sadly neglected after planting, but these beans didn't care, and I was suprised at the yield we managed with no care at all. This spring we will plant mostly Dragon Tongue. .

(Posted on 1/8/11)


Surprise favorite bean! Review by ansel

Overall Rating


I ordered this bean as a novelty, due to the coloration. It was also reviewed to have good flavor. I did not expect it to be an amazing producer! The leaves were a little yellowed when it first began growing. After fertilizing the plants, the leaves greened. Once the plant began producing, it produced multiple crops of beans; I had expected the plant to be more determinate. We are in North Florida. Our soil is sandy and we have done a lot of composting and adding of organic matter to boost the soil. It has been hot and dry and I am not a good waterer. This is an impressive bean that produces well with minimal care. It also seems to be pest and rust resistant, unlike our other bush bean variety. We will be planting this bean again..

(Posted on 5/16/11)


Fun! Review by eTeddys

Overall Rating


These beans are doing very well in our Phoenix garden. They are not the best producer, but sure are pretty! I find them to be a bit tougher than our other beans but they have very good flavor and we'll definitely plant more next year!.

(Posted on 5/25/11)


Nothing Short of Amazing Review by Boogra

Overall Rating


My only regret about this absolutely outstanding, gorgeous bean is that I planted a small one packet test area instead of two or three packets . The compact little plants don't get out of control whatsoever, don't seem to require anything in the way of fertilizer (I planted in both raised beds and in crappy Mississippi Black Prairie mucky soil), and produce copious amounts of 7"-8" pods that are about 1/2" to 5/8" wide and about 5/16" thick.
To prepare them, I simply blanched them quickly in lightly boiling water for about 45 seconds, then threw them directly into a non-stick pan with extra virgin organic olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper for my wife and my three year old son with a grilled steak dinner I made one night. None of us finished our steak. Everyone not only finished the beans but we all wished we had more. The beans became the main course. Suffice it to say that they are outstanding, reminiscent of asparagus in my opinion. I've since eaten them as a meal, as a meat substitute in fajitas and am about to order three more packets so that I can bag and can them for the winter, as I can't imagine sitting down to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without these as a side item.
Truly one of the best things I have ever eaten in my entire life. I've been so excited about them that I've ended up giving away several pounds of them to my neighbors, all of whom have come back to me asking when I'll have more for them. Don't get one packet. Don't get two. Get three packets. Plant them all, eat and enjoy..

(Posted on 6/11/11)


A Keeper Review by Cyn

Overall Rating


Even in 100 degree Texas summer, Dragon's Tongue performed beautifully. Now, here at the end of June, they are beginning to fade, but I was amazed at how much we gained from four or five plants! Compact plants, great for raised beds and small gardens. The taste outshines any bean I've grown yet. Next year I will be planting more so we can put some away! Colouring does fade in cooking, and we noticed that beans which grew deep in the foliage did not "colour" as well as those in the sun. Didn't change the taste, though!.

(Posted on 6/25/11)


Amazing in a Patio Garden! Wow! & What A Productive & Tasty Plant! Review by Mechelle

Overall Rating


This plant is simply Amazing to say the least! I live in a condo and decided to go all out this year and put together a patio vegetable garden because the space basically goes to waste! Boy am I glad I like unusual plants & picked this one! Today alone with one plant I had enough beans to feed two people! The pods are amazing to look at and eat! I used organic choice bagged soil to put together my garden. So soil conditions were not an issue. This plant is also very lush and perfect for growing lettuce under it in the shade ~ hint hint! Tons of blooms on the plant and many more beans already developing on the same one so will be getting another batch later in the week! The pods are huge! But still tender and perfect for a meal. I simply mixed mine in with some ground turkey after it was pretty much done cooking, let them cook on low for about 5 min and they were ready to eat. So tasty I just sprinkled on a little sea salt and they were perfect. Nice with a drop of butter too. I will continue to grow this bean yearly. I live in zone 7 and the patio I have these beans on receives alot of heat, but they still do extremely well even in a planter on the pavement in blazing sun ~ amazing!.

(Posted on 7/6/11)


Love these beans Review by Keeko

Overall Rating


These are my new favorite vegetable! I am relatively new to gardening, and tried these out because of the rave reviews. I'm not disappointed! They are as tasty as everyone says - so good that mine haven't ever made it to be cooked, we eat them raw! I had a 100% successful germination rate, and I planted 4 to a square foot. They were a bit crowded and spilled over, but still produced well. I planted a mid-summer crop of 3x as many because I found I loved them so much. They did well in my region (Western North Carolina). Though they are bush beans, I'd experiment with trellising. I didn't have a HUGE yield, but that's why I planted more plants. Soaking seeds before planting also helps with germination I find. I highly recommend them; I will be growing these for many years to come. .

(Posted on 7/20/11)


Tasty Review by Elizabeth

Overall Rating


First year growing these. I planted in late spring. They were my first beans ready for harvest. They taste really great. I only planted for four plants and they were semi productive. Not nearly as productive as my pole beans but the taste is well worth it. The plants were small and compact. New favorite. .

(Posted on 8/6/11)


poor yield Review by Nebraska gardener

Overall Rating


I garden in zone 5 and was very excited about these beans. Although they were pretty to look at and tasty, they were horrible yielders. I planted 2 packets and was sad I wasted the garden space, as we garden more to offset food costs than as a hobby. I'm going to stick with the yellow wax beans --- they may not look as exotic, but we have pounds and pounds of them coming out our ears! .

(Posted on 8/10/11)


Beautiful & Delicious Review by Donna860

Overall Rating


They are very pretty growing. The taste is really creamy. I only planted one 30 ft row, to try them, but will plant more next season. I highly recommend these beans..

(Posted on 9/2/11)


Very tasty Review by Jgarden

Overall Rating


I loved the flavor of the bean and I also felt they produced very well. I would definitely grow them again in my garden..

(Posted on 9/17/11)


Staple Bush Bean Review by chicinboots

Overall Rating


These are an amazing species. I planted them in with my strawberries, and they grew well, until some kind of nasty bug ate them up till the leaves were literally skeletal. I had consigned my hope to be crushed and these beans to never return to my garden, but lo and behold, a couple weeks later they grew back stronger than ever, and completely loaded with beans! The beans themselves are the juciest, sweetest bean I've ever had. Highly recommended. .

(Posted on 11/1/11)


Pretty Good Review by maliboo101

Overall Rating


I found that the taste of these beans are absolutly amazing. Unfortunatly, I only had a few this year because the rabbits ate my bean plants down to a nub. The beans that I did manage to get were amazing and I will definatly grow them again. I plan to find space for them in my garden every year. My personal favorite!!!!!!.

(Posted on 12/15/11)


Incredible. Review by FootDoc

Overall Rating


I like to try really old varieties of things. I tend to navigate towards plants that still retain some of their wild character. I also love beans, from fresh green snap beans to refried beans in a can. With that said, these beans would make me forsake all other beans. If I only could grow one bean this year, this would be it. If I could only grow one vegetable to eat and store for the winter....this would be it, without a doubt. I have never tasted such a delicious bean. Boogra's comment above is a perfect example. It's better than a well cooked steak. These beans are the best tasting you'll find. My (then) almost 2 year old boy would walk up to these and pick these to eat one after the other. I cannot recommend buying these enough. Buy more than one package. .

(Posted on 1/29/12)


Oh, these are wonderful! Review by Vicky

Overall Rating


I love everything about this bean. Last year, I soaked these beans and started them indoors. I needn't have fretted so. This year, I planted a half packet of seeds right in my southcentral Wisconsin garden the second week of May, and they germinated in two days. Last year, in my tiny garden, the bushes grew about 18" tall and began producing within about six weeks. I harvested a pound a day! These beans are beautiful and delicious, whether you pick them as green-and-purple babies or wait for them to grow into white-and-green-and-purple pods about 6" long. Much of the time, they don't even make it into the house; they are so sweet and delicious. Terrific raw, terrific cooked. They freeze well. .

(Posted on 5/23/12)


deliciously sweet/beautiful coloring Review by bjctbone

Overall Rating


I just harvested a few beans off the plants this evening. Bit into a few of them and they are tender and sweet! These grew so fast and flowered very fast here in Nashville, TN. Took only 1 month from sowing seeds into the ground to just the beginning of harvesting a handful. Lots of small beans needing to "grow up" before harvesting. Looks like a good yield ahead!.

(Posted on 6/11/12)


Amazing Bean Review by Donna Dean

Overall Rating


This is my first year to plant Dragon Tongue and I have had the most amazing time with them. They have set very high yields and are outproducing anything else I have planted. I think next year I will try trellising this bean simply for the fact that I planted some between my tomato plants and they grabbed onto my wire cages and grew straight up them. This is hands down my newest favorite in the garden..

(Posted on 6/15/12)


what a stunner! Review by Heather

Overall Rating


want something other then that average green bean????? This one is it!! grows anyplace i put it in the soil or in a pot with some store bought dirt, add some sun and you will see dragon tongue beans in No time flat! fast growing beans very yummy and turn pure green when they are done, crisper then most fresh beans i have had!.

(Posted on 6/19/12)


tasty pods! Review by David

Overall Rating


Grew these 2012, in Denver Colorado. They produced very well with the best tasting fresh pods I have yet tried. They are beautiful, they cook well too, but I prefer these strait of the plant! They handled this years heat wave like a champ! My favorite bean so far..

(Posted on 7/20/12)


good experience with these Review by Jennifer V

Overall Rating


Appalachian region, good yields for a long period of time (nearly all summer), very beautiful to look at. No need to shell them, the whole pod is very tender!.

(Posted on 7/31/12)


Amazing Beans Review by Servaline

Overall Rating


Here in the SW Arizona desert not many beans do well except for cowpeas and teparies but these colorful, outstandingly delicious beans can take the heat. This year we've planted 3 crops, the last planting being a few days ago, so am anxious to see how far into fall/winter they might go. Heavy yields and pest resistant here in AZ. .

(Posted on 8/11/12)


Delicious! Our Favorite! Review by rehrlund

Overall Rating


These beans were incredible. Healthy plants, delicious beans. My 2 year old son and I ate them like garden candy. The "dragon beans" were his favorite. Beautiful paintbrush strokes of purple. The beans had a slightly spongy texture, not as dense as other beans. They really snapped and were light and tender. Just SO good. Ours did succumb to summer quickly after the main harvest and stopped producing much so we took them down, but if planted in succession they'd no-doubt still be providing us with armfuls of deliciousness. Will definitely be planting these again! (and again and again!).

(Posted on 8/25/12)


Outstanding flavor and productive Review by ness

Overall Rating


Just the best tasting bean I've ever grown...or had. Large yields too. These have a permanent spot in the spring and fall gardens..

(Posted on 9/12/12)


great in pots Review by susanne

Overall Rating


adding my comment because i've been growing these in pots, with great success. also, here in hawaii, i started them in november and began picking now in january, after a furious wind storm that hit just as the plants were setting flowers. still, lots and lots of tasty beans. they are not the very most delicious ever (those would be golden vining--yum) but very good flavor, and easy to see on the plant..

(Posted on 1/8/13)


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