Harpoon Brings the Berries (and a 'Fest)

spacer It’s in these bleak days of March when you realize that winter is far from over. So, like most Bostonians, Bostonist takes to the local pubs to warm up and forget that there is a snowstorm on the way. Our Gothamist friends might be talking about a mysterious maple syrup scent in the city, but you might be wondering why a berry smell is wafting in from the waterfront. Well, the folks over at our local Harpoon Brewery are officially launching a new beer today: Raspberry U.F.O. Hefeweizen. For you non-beer connoisseurs, U.F.O. stands for “UnFiltered Offering” since that’s exactly what a hefeweizen is…unfiltered (thus the reason why it’s a bit cloudier in appearance from its other friends). So they’ve added some raspberries to the brew and are having a premiere party tonight at their South Boston brewery from 6-8p.m. Now, you must be a card carrying member in the “Friend of Harpoon” club before you can waltz in for this special tasting, where they promise the founders of Harpoon will be there. (Autographs, anyone?) If you can't make it tonight (and you need to R.S.V.P.), the new green and pink-labeled brew will be available in stores and we’re sure it’ll be on tap soon.

spacer And if you are looking for an excuse to party like an Irishman, head over to Harpoon’s St. Patrick's Festival this weekend. While it may be two more weeks until March 17, why not start early with the festivities? Bostonist has experienced the ‘Fest in the past by pouring beer for the thousands that show up for these drunken debacles and this year, we’re heading to the “other side” (intoxicating side) to drink some I.P.A. The event is held Friday (5:30-11p.m.) and Saturday (2-9p.m.) with tickets $12 at the door with beers $4.75 a pop. This includes some lively Irish jig music, the ability to try a variety of Harpoon beers, and the excuse to wear that “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” pin. Word to the wise: this is the most crowded of the Harpoonfests since it’s inside a tent, so get there early. Did we mention this is usually the sloppiest, too? Erin Go Braugh.

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  • William Murray

    You should also mention Colum Cille (an award-winning pipe and drum band from Cape Cod) and Joshua Tree (a U2 cover band from Boston), who perform each year. These two bands are a big reason that I look forward to this particular fest each year. Well, that along with the seemingly endless supply of fresh beer and the abundance of cute Irish redheads!

  • Katie

    Thank you for reminding me...yes, RSVP. I updated the post to reflect this.

  • FOH

    you actually have to RSVP to attend tonight as well. it's open to all FOH but that was what the word on it is.

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