Chanting Points Memo: On Behalf Of All Conservatives…

Posted on by Mitch Berg

…let me answer the standard-issue DFL chanting point that you read on virtually ever tweet, ad and TV ad the DFL puts out:spacer

“The Republicans want to (do horrible things) to protect millionaires”.

Let’s settle this.

None of us gives a rat’s ass about millionaires.  Bupkes.  Zip.  Nada.

It’s about reforming government.

It’s about stopping the DFL’s spending crazy train.

It’s about making all of those safety net entitlement programs for the elderly and children and unemployed and mentally ill sustainable for the long term. as opposed to the current fiscal time bombs they are.

It’s about making sure that public employees actually have pensions to retire on in thirty years.

It’s about having a state where we don’t have a perennial budget crisis, because the state lives solidly within and below its means – and it’s just fine, because the state is so prosperous its’ “means” are pretty darn formidable.

We oppose government sucking up any more of this state’s viability than it really needs – and by “needs”, I don’t mean “wants”, “covets” or “craves”.   That means taxes on millionaires and the poor – including the DFL’s screechingly regressive gas and cigarette taxes.

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14 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: On Behalf Of All Conservatives…

  1. spacer K-Rod on said:

    The fact is that Mark Dayton is preventing people from getting jobs. Ouch!

  2. spacer Terry on said:

    If only the government had let the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire the unemployment rate wouldn’t have jumped to 9.2%!
    What a pack of frakkin’ morons we got in the White House . . .

  3. spacer Troy on said:

    “The Republicans want to (do horrible things) to protect millionaires”

    “None of us gives a rat’s ass about millionaires. Bupkes. Zip. Nada.”

    I do care about millionaires to the extent that I want government to tax them fairly. I want government to tax the poor fairly as well. In fact, I want the government to tax everyone else fairly too.

    I don’t want government to punish success. I don’t want the government to reward failure.

  4. spacer Chuck on said:

    Instead of working harder and doing a better job of managing your own money, its easier just to take other people’s money from them.

  5. spacer bosshoss429 on said:

    If Obumbler wanted to prove that he is serious, he would hold up his $379,000 plus tax refund check and return it to the US Treasury.

    On the same vane, when the corrupt Dayton family brings their trust fund money back to MN and pays “their fair share” of taxes, then he’d have a complaint.

    But, we all know that libturds only want other people to pay for their ill conceived and economically illiterate schemes!

  6. spacer Mr. D on said:

    My wife informs me that gas went up to $3.85 today. I think that a gas tax increase is just the ticket.

  7. spacer Ben on said:

    I think this hyperbole is backfiring. when people hear this most (at least I hope most) roll their eyes because this is the same thing the Dems/DFL has been doing since FDR. This class warfare is about to blow up in their faces.

  8. spacer Kermit on said:

    Has anyone ever gotten a job from a poor person (outside of governement, that is)?

  9. spacer Terry on said:

    Given the regressive nature of state taxes, many government employees are paid out of the wages of poor people.

  10. spacer Terry on said:

    A classic in the genre:

    At least Kristof does not bury the lede. In paragraph #6 he states plainly that the “millionaire’s tax loophole” he wants to close will reduce the deficit by just $20 billion over ten years.
    The ten year deficit is expected to be 9500 billion dollars:
    This is par for the course with liberals –an obsession with taxing hedge fund managers and private jet owners (Obama’s economic traitors, this week) that will do nothing to help the US economy or significantly reduce deficit spending. $20 billon over ten years is a !@#$% rounding error.

  11. spacer Terry on said:

    I should have added that Kristof is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. Our elites consider his insights particularly valuable. Criminy.

  12. spacer bubbasan on said:

    What kermit says; I care about the rich not just because it might be nice to become rich someday, but more importantly because quite frankly, my economic prospects have a lot to do with whether a more prosperous person might employ me or invest in my line of work. Take their money away via taxation, and it’s me missing a chance on a new Chevy, not the rich man driving a Chevy instead of a Lexus or Mercedes.

  13. spacer walter hanson on said:

    The trouble we have the people who want to tax the rich have the following things in common:

    * They don’t pay income taxes.

    * They think millionaries have it easy and can afford to pay more in taxes.

    * They have spending they want to defend which they’re afraid will be cut if there is no tax increase.

    No matter how rational we are we can’t get past these three things.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  14. spacer Terry on said:

    One million bucks invested in a 5 year cd will earn you about $25k/year. Not exactly rolling in cash.

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