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11 Questions Answered

by vahnee


This goes out to a distant friend of mine, Ninja Kitten. She answered 11 Questions on her blog last week and I was touched while reading it, and kept giggling into my shirt to keep the noise down and not wake the kids. You know how it goes.

Do you ever find yourself feeling good about yourself and then you trip and fall? (Or is that only me?)

Yes. For example, I just spent an hour on this post last night and wrote some killer answers. Woohoo! And somehow managed to overwrite said fab post in the last 10 minutes of productive reorganizing of my browser tabs. :-(

Dessert or dinner?

Does chocolate-covered bacon count as both?

Favorite superhero — good, evil, or neutral, all answers are acceptable — character?

Batman, by far. (The cat is Harley Quinn.)

What was your first favorite band?

The Cure. I had about 80% of their lyrics memorized by the time I was 15. (Take that, SAT prep!)

Are you going to complete a pin for my “I heart Pinterest” along or what?!

Oooh. I spaced out on Pinterest months ago. (Which is a good reminder that i should really check it out again.) So, I wish I knew what that mean, but I haven’t a clue. Can I just randomly cheer for you? *waves a pom-pom*

Favorite shade of toenail polish?

Some kind of beige-y, lavender color. I don’t even know if it exists, but it doesn’t keep me from looking for it everywhere.

Why don’t you want to have a sewing or knitting night with me, friend?

Because the airfare alone would punch a hole in my budget. :-) Not to count the yarn costs. But one day, I will ping you and say, “Hey, I’m in town and I’m kidless; take me to your yarn shop!”

If Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter were anthropomorphized and got into a fight, who would win?

Halloween. Jack Skellington eats bunnies and babies with arrows for tea time.

Do you fall victim to scrapbooking paper even though you don’t scrapbook, too?

Yes. I buy it thinking “I’ll just make a quick album for [insert Seems Like A Good Idea At The Time reason here]” and after 3 days of eating picnic-style eating on the floor because it’s spread out over the dining table, I give up and pack it into a box to put in the closet.

Then it gets pulled out in 3 years as rainy day kiddie crafts. I don’t even trust myself to walk by a Paper Source these days.

Your favorite M&M color?

Haven’t eaten an M&M in ages! What colors do they come in.. red? Brown? Wasn’t there something about the green ones being horny? Or was that Skittles… Hey, I thought I was supposed to be answering the questions here. Blue! I choose blue! (Are there blue M&Ms??)

If you could wake up tomorrow and be magically proficient in one skill such as drawing, sewing, a musical instrument, surfing, etc, what would it be?

Acting. No, wait. Surfing. Nah, acting. Maybe programming – I always did want to learn Python. No, acting. I think.

There’s too many things I want to do to pick just one! :-) Does anyone else have this problem??

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Published: September 19, 2012
Filed Under: Life
Tags: fun : random

One Response to “11 Questions Answered”

  1. spacer Kitten says:
    September 19, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    I didn’t even think acting — that’s a great one! So is surfing, but my giant ocean fear is being eaten by a sea creature. During my whole single time surfing, I tried not to panic when turtles would get too close.

    I was also a Cure fan. How did we not know that about each other. Fifteen year old ninja kitten had a giant Robert Smith poster on her wall. <3 Pictures of You, indeed. Though my fav was obviously Lovecats.

    My favorite superhero character? Catwoman. By far. But Harley Quinn is also great.

    As for I Heart Pinterest… That's my thing!

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