2013 07 Mar

World Book day and some news

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Happy World Book Day to one and all!


And I also have a lovely bit of news to share — I am now represented by Sallyanne Sweeney of Watson, Little Ltd in London. More excitement is clearly to follow.


2013 25 Feb

Another lovely video review & what I did at the weekend…

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Can you tell I’m liking the video reviews? You guys are awesome!

Thanks you so much and I’m so glad you both enjoyed, and “got” the story I wanted to tell.

In other news Epic Con 5, which I attended this weekend as a guest was wonderful fun. Myself, Celine Kiernan, Peadar Ó Guilín and Deirdre Thornton talked about all sorts of things — from editors to superheroes, from getting published in/from Ireland to Irish mythology. And we mostly stuck to the topics. Mostly…

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Thanks to all the organizers and attendees.

And on Friday night was the Pen Ireland dinner, which was fabulous in so many ways. I got to meet lovely people and hang out in swish surroundings wearing a posh frock. What more could I want?

So now it’s back to life, back to reality, and back to the writer’s cave…

2013 06 Feb

Breaking cover

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Shhh, I am not really here. I am working very hard. I promise.

But I had to post about this super review for The Treachery of Beautiful Things which I came across this morning from Beauty, Books & Ramblings. It comes in both Spoiler free and Spoiler-ific varieties so you can take you pick, but go and look. I particularly like

The pros: Beautifully written, incredibly
imaginative storyline, flawless world building
The cons: Honestly cannot think of any!
Rating: 5/5
Recommend? Oh my goodness yes!

and of course

With beautiful world-building, fascinating characters, and ancient lore intricately and flawlessly woven into the story, The Treachery of Beautiful Things is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read

I will look at it sparkle all day and smile.

In other news – I will be at Epic-Con in Maynooth on the 23rd & 24th of February, and of course at Octocon in October. I hope to be in some other places too.

I have no other news. The Ninja puppy and the Patchwork Cat continue their covert war of attrition.

And I am writing. Something new. I think. Look, there was this plot bunny, sitting there all on its own. It was so pretty. So I went over to it. AND A WHOLE MOB OF PLOT BUNNIES ATTACKED ME!

It’s so shiny and new though. SO SHINY.

Back under cover I go. Talk soon.

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2013 09 Jan

Off with the Mummers

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So… on Sunday, the last day of our Christmas Holidays, which was also Nollaig na mBan, as a treat primarily for me I think, we went to Collin’s Barracks, part of the National Museum of Ireland to see The Armagh Rhymers perform a Mummer’s Play.

Mumming is a traditional part of the winter holidays which, it is believed, dates back thousands of years in Ireland. There’s music and story telling, and people in masks. Amazing basketwork masks in this case.

spacer Read more…

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2012 31 Dec

Happy new year

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Happy new year everyone. Thanks for all your support, help & messages in 2012.

Here’s hoping 2013 is even better for us all!

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2012 26 Dec

A little bit of Christmas magic

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In the midst of all the Christmas chaos, we went for a walk in a local park and came across the fairy tree. And what a fairy tree…

spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer



Any wonder there’s inspiration everywhere when you can find things like this, in the middle of a forest. Just because…

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.

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2012 05 Dec

In the editing cave

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I’ve been very quiet of late which is usually ominous. But in this case it’s been a mixture of being not terribly well, and having some edits on the Space Opera.* Which might not actually be a Space Opera anymore (Planetary romance? Science Fantasy? Scientific Romance?).

So here is the podcast of an interview I did with the awesome Leeds Book Club (@AvidReader)

in which we talk about a lot of things. A LOT OF THINGS! LOTS!

Enjoy. 45 minutes or so of it. Just to warn you in advance. Also we had some sound problems. And my voice sounds weird!!!

I also read a wonderful review of The Treachery of Beautiful Things from Writer of Wrongs.

“Exquisite, enchanting, magical… this folktale world is truly worth submerging in.”

Enter to win it and others on the site, but do it quickly. spacer

Back into the writer cave/sick bed I go.


*Oh, and I might be overdosing on box sets of The West Wing. Not that overdosing on it is possible, of course.

2012 15 Nov


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One of the niggly things about being in Ireland is that I can’t magically sign books far away. But now I have some lovely little bookplate stickers for The Treachery of Beautiful Things, so I sort of can. There are three designs.

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