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The rock band Rush is a musical group from Canada. They formed their band in 1968. They play hard rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal music. They have sold over 40 million albums since their first album release in 1974. The members of the band include Geddy Lee, the lead vocalist, Alex Lifeson on guitar, and Neil Peart on drums. John Rutsey, left the band in 1974 due to complications with diabetes, and he was replaced on drums by Neil Peart.

The band’s first album, entitled Rush, was inspired by blues and heavy metal. Their style began to evolve and change as synthesizers were frequently added to their songs, and they played more progressive rock and hard rock. They have been influenced by many other hard rock bands. Rush’s star man logo was first placed on the back of their 1976 album 2112. Although band did not intend for it to become their logo, they have been known by this symbol since it was first used on 2112.

spacer The members of Rush have all won awards in reader’s polls, and they are excellent musicians on the instruments that they play. Their record sales prove how well-liked they are, with over 20 gold records and many platinum records. They have sold so many albums that the only other bands who sold more are The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. They have sold an estimated 40 million albums worldwide.

Their music style has evolved and changed over the years. In 1974, they made their first U.S. tour with their new drummer, Neil Peart. Their very successful album 2112 was released in 1976 and featured a 20 minute title track that was divided into seven sections. Their next album in 1977 was recorded in the United Kingdom, and was entitled A Farewell to Kings. Hemispheres followed in 1978, recorded in Wales. At this point, Rush began to reflect progressive rock style, and they were influenced by bands like Van der Graff Generator and King Crimson. At this point of their growth as musicians, they added more use of synthesizers and time signature changes. A twelve-string guitar and bass-pedal synthesizers were also used. Rush’s percussion was anything from cowbells, chimes, triangles, or wood blocks to gongs and chimes.

Their greatest success came with the release of Moving Pictures in 1981. Their song, “Tom Sawyer” was probably the most popular song on the album, and with this release they moved into the spotlight. Another big change in their style came in 1982 when Signals was released. Keyboards were used more often while synthesizers were used less. This 1980s style was abandoned when their albums Presto and Roll the Bones were released. They abandoned much of their keyboard sound in favor of more focus on the guitar. They also used synthesizers less from this point on.

Rush took five years off due to tragedies in Peart’s life. He lost his daughter in a car accident, and his wife died from cancer in 1998. When Peart returned, he wrote Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road. He returned to the band in 2001, and Rush released several more new albums. Their album, Vapor Trails, brought about their first tour in six years. They performed for their first time in Brazil and in Mexico City. In 2010, the Rush Time Machine Tour began in Albuquerque, New Mexico and ended in Santiago, Chile. Their success continued, and in 2010 they received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. They continued to receive other awards, including the 2010 Legends of Live award for their contributions to reaching fans through their tours and concerts. Rush is still very active in producing new albums, and the hope is that they will have more tours planned for the future.



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