Pain and Pleasure – How to Experiment with Both in the Bedroom

December 1st, 2010Sex Fetishes No Comments

Pain can be pleasurable for many people. Even for those who aren’t ordinarily fond of pain, some mild pain can enhance a sexual experience. This doesn’t have to mean extreme bondage or sadomasochism, it can be just enough to make it pleasurable for both parties. There are some simple ways you can incorporate this in to your bedroom without crossing any lines.

Scratching and Biting

A simple way to incorporate pain in to your bedroom activities is to utilize light scratching and biting. Scratching on your partners back during sex can increase the arousal level quite a bit. You don’t need to scratch hard, in fact, you don’t need to draw blood or leave any marks at all. Typically just the added pressure is enough. Biting can be a way to enhance the sensation as well. And again, you don’t have to bite hard.

Hot Wax

Using hot wax is another way to incorporate mild pain and sensation to your lovemaking. Soy wax candles are great for this since the wax melts at a much lower temperature, and will not leave serious burns. Soy is also good for your skin, with less chance of a reaction from the wax. To do this, simply light a soy candle and once a little has melted, test the wax on yourself. If the temperature seems appropriate, you can lightly drip the soy on your partners back, chest, shoulders, or belly.

Light BDSM

BDSM doesn’t have to be hardcore to be pleasurable. You can purchase kits that have blindfolds, small cat o’nine tails, and maybe even cuffs or straps for tying up. The cat o’nine tails are great to introduce whipping in to the scene without going too extreme.

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