Lustful, Blonde Beauty Milla Viasotti Serves Up a Glamorous Ideal...Perfectly

With her curvy, hourglass figure and flawlessly beautiful face
, Milla Viasotti is a perfect doll, but it’s her remarkable versatility that makes her the quintessential fuck toy for big boys.

A first look at luscious Milla immediately puts one in mind of a certain well proportioned and highly popular poseable doll. Her curves are seductively overstated, her facial features meticulously defined and perfectly painted. She’s as amply endowed and as finely sculpted as the plaything she’s seemingly modeled after, and there’s nary a man alive (nor woman, in all probability) who won’t feel the love when he or she encounters this image of feminine perfection. But that’s as far as the similarities go. This shemale nonpareil is flesh and blood, and she has a whole host of very real–and very mind blowing–ways of proving it.

No toy could ever do the things Milla does, let alone do them so fetchingly. Young, bold and ready to live, she’s all about experiencing everything to the max, and that youthful eagerness propels her into ever more stimulating situations. She can be seen engaging in all manner of entertaining pursuits, everything from stroking her rather generous genitalia (not a monster, but a respectable 8.5 inches worth) to administering paralyzing blowjobs to enduring earth rocking anal sex.

This t-girls limits are few and her talents many. She’s a nut-buster cowgirl, a wickedly titillating Santa’s helper, and she’s altogether crippling as the maid fatale. It’s this sexual versatility that raises Milla to the level of shemale goddess, and it’s her insatiable drive to push the sexual envelope that keeps her members from straying. It’s tough to top such a compelling combination of verve and nerve, especially when presented in so sublime a package.

Milla is quite proud of her appearance and takes great pleasure in being filmed and photographed. It’s an appealing narcissism made even more so by the fact that it ensures an ever fresh supply of content for frequent updates. The photos number in the thousands, and are shot at a crisp 4500×3000 pixels. That’s not as large as some few out there, but it’s way more than adequate, and quite possibly a better option for onscreen viewing. Videos are definitely the raison d’etre here. They’re all shot in HD at a bitrate of 6000, allowing for crystal clear viewing. Lighting and sound quality are both tops, too, so there are no worries about not getting the full experience. And it’s the same experience every time you click play. Lovely.

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Oral sex, she-lesbian sex, solo sex… is one non-stop sexual escapade and an excellent choice if you’re looking for a shemale fantasy that plays on without losing its lustre. Milla Viasotti  is an archetypal beauty of commendable talent and natural high naughtiness–a living, breathing shemale doll happily dedicated to fantasy fulfillment. Whether posing for provocative glamor shots or hiding the vegetables in high definition, Milla’s unabashed enjoyment of all things orgasmic is a compelling aphrodisiac. In a sentence, she’s the quintessential companion for the man who wants it all.

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